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A simple mod that retextures the Masser moon in Skyrim to an evil pumpkin I made.

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Seeing as Halloween is nigh, I thought it only appropriate to make a small little mod for my favourite game.


This mod simply changes the full, wan, and waxing cresants of the Masser moon in skyrim (Secunda, the smaller moon, is left untouched in this mod) and changes it into an evil looking pumpin i quickly batched up.


Because this mod is very light, mod managers like vortex and NMM are unneeded. Here is a quick numbered tutorial on how to apply this mod
1. once the mod is downloaded, unpack the .rar file with either winrar or 7zip
2. now you should have a folder called sky, inside are .dds files, these are the pumpkin images that will overlay the original moon.
3. next you will want to go to your SkyrimSE folder, for steam this would be /steamapps/common/Skyrim Special Edition
4. inside your Skyrim folder, there should be another folder called Data, open that. Once opened you should be able to see your base .esm files for skyrim, and the DLCs, in this folder you want to open the Textures folder NOTE (if you dont have the Textures folder thats normal, just simply make a folder inside data called "Textures" without the quotations)
5. now inside the Textures folder put my "sky" mod folder into textures (PS. make sure it is unpacked or else it will not work) (PPS. if you already have a sky folder and its already got the Masser moon phases, either delete them or back them up if you want to remove my mod and replace them later.)
6. thats it! You're now ready to play Skyrim under the death cold watch of your pumpkin moon superior... be careful.


Do feel free to ask me about any questions you may have regarding my mod, or difficulty installing the mod, or any bugs you might encounter whilst using said mod. I will reply when i can.

That is all, Happy Halloween :)