Skyrim Special Edition


  1. Mike Hancho
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    If you post here for support and I fail to answer you, try also posting on my Classic version's comments as well. I will have to get used to checking this version and I'm extremely busy of late amd could easily forget.
  2. AReallyGoodScone
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    This mod is amazing, but I'm now crashing repeatedly and can't get through the quest where you clear the haunted mine with the redguard woman. At the part when the dragon spawns and blasts you with ice, it almost always crashes when the mage dude spawns. Otherwise, he instantly launches a fireball that flies through objects and kills me in one hit (while blocking or with a ward up, from full hp). Not sure what to do.

    Is this crash a known issue? Is there a fix?
  3. tesuser999
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    Probably my favorite mod. No glitches. Solid content. Thanks.
  4. hakr2178
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    Wow, this mod is excellent. The voice actors are just icing on the cake.

    I always felt a strong connection to Helgen, and would often wander there. Now, with this mod, it almost feels like home.

    Thanks for all of your hard work!
  5. Gricken
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    If this mod ever gets an update I'll give it all the endorsements
  6. siavash9874563211
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    My game was deleted but I had backups of the saves, but after reinstalling the game I was able to run this mod with the save
    I did not get the previous ones!
    Help me
  7. bloodred2000
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    So, I can't find the Quest ID for Desperate Times. The quest is glitched, saying I need to train 5/6 more recruits even though I've already done them. All the Changing of the Guard quests are complete. I've spent at least an hour and a half staring at each and every Quest ID, and nothing shows up from this mod. Dunno what to do now, and no one has posted Desperate Time's ID online, anywhere. Just tips on how to find it. Really really sucks, cause this mod is so cool imo. Need Help please
  8. PhazoniteX
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    Never played this before, but should I be worried about all the USSEP changes it reverts? I notice this hasn't been updated in a while, wasn't sure if maybe those USSEP overwrites should be patched to keep the USSEP changes or if I should just leave it absolutely alone so as to not break anything.
    1. muetzl
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      You'll find a USSEP Patch included here, if you do not wanna patch yourself:

      Did get put off by the name :-D
      Since I'm lazy AF I use it myelf along with other stuff from it, I never ran into issues so far...
    2. PhazoniteX
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      Thank you for this, I knew about this collection but never used it or knew what was in it. Thank you
  9. JaggerJack844
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    So im running a heavily modded game (437 plugins) and installed this mod in during a playthrough and now skyrim just CTDs instantly on launch before I even see the main menu load up. Not sure what could be wrong. searched online and it might be the XP32 skeleton? Not sure but going to have to pass on this mod sadly even though it seems like one of the best mods for skyrim
    1. kalipou
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      In response to post #81326958.


      Late but you or anyone facing the same problem will want to look over here :

      Skyrim has a reference cap, if you hit it, it'll ctd on launch. This mod has a heavy ref number (don't remmeber just how much but its significant enough).
      Author would need to turn it into an esm (people have been asking for it for over a year) to ease the load on users however its been abandonned so my advice is, stay clear of this, there are plenty of other cool mods that aren't as fat ref-wise or that have been updated to be Esm. Big Quests mods like this need to be in Esm format, so watch your Ref cap and follow the authors that take the time to update their work to keep up.

      Here's a few similar mods that won't kill your ref cap:
      Shummer -
      Build Your Own Noble House -
      Vigilant -
      Underground -
      Anna's  -
      Project AHO -
      LC_Citadel -
      Blackthorn -
      The Scarlett -
    2. Auge1
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      Well, here is another, less extreme advice: reaching the plugin cap is one thing (wrye bash or vortex would tell you), yours sounds like a loadorder mismatch. Try LOOT.
    3. Misorian
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      The reddit post also mentions that you could make the plugin a Master yourself, by using xEdit.
      This seems a fairly simple method of fixing this issue. Though you'll have to know how to use xEdit, it's not that complicated.
    4. XanderVirtus
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      While it would be better for this mod to be in ESM format, the reference handles it has are 21.893 in total. The cap at which the CTD's start is 1.048.576. Of course it could be this mod that puts you over the limit when you have a lot of heavy reference handle mods installed, but normally it is not that bad to have it installed. I advice everyone to get Aers' SSEEdit script ( and check for themselves if too much mods with high reference handles are getting you too close to the cap.
    5. VesperXeni
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      Double check your mods that replace the initial start-up screen for Skyrim. Most work fine, but sometimes there's an issue that pops up that keeps the start-up screen from loading properly. This happened to me a month or so ago. I finally traced it down to the start-up screen replacer in Dear Diary. I turned that one function off and immediately the game loaded with Dear Diary working just fine.
  10. megablackk1d
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    I have a quest to kill 14 bandit slavers and there are no bandit slavers to actually kill???? How do I skip this quest via console?
    1. lincolnshooter
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      I had this issue too, kinda annoying

      "setstage BalokBitterWounds 111"
      "setstage BalokBitterWounds 112"
  11. Teletraan117
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    I started a new game with Alternate Start (starting in Solitude) and Legacy of the Dragonborn, and I followed your guide's instructions to wait 4 days after Unbound was marked as completed, walked into Whiterun (no fast travel) and... no spikes or bandits. I loaded a previous save and waited a few extra days just to be sure but Helgen is still empty. I did receive the quest to speak to Marcus so it looks like the questline was triggered in some way, but I don't want to break the game by continuing. "Dragonborn Gallery" from Legacy is currently active but as far as I'm concerned both your mod and LotD are cooperating seamlessly.

    Any thoughts? Should I disable the mod and start a new game again?
    1. jaderiver
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      Is there a book in your inventory or have you picked up a book in helgen off a corpse ? that your mean to read its either a guide book or such ?
    2. Teletraan117
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      After I enabled the mod I had the Helgen Reborn Guide in my inventory as well as the starting quest to read the book.

      I read the book and it completed that quest as normal.