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Makes Real Bows fit more with armour and weapon's colour schemes

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This mod requires Real Bows SE, a DecimusMaximus mod ported by PukinDumpling

This mod is simply a few recolours of the base Real Bows textures, but changed, in my opinion, to fit more with other vanilla armour and weapon colours.
There is of course an alternative textures file on the Real Bows page that aims to do this, but I felt some of the bows still weren't quite there.
For example my ebony bow is darker with silver detailing, the dwarven bow is slightly darker with easier to see detailing, and the orcish bow is darker with green string, matching perfectly with the orcish quiver.

Want to see what I mean? Just look at the images to see the difference

PS. I highly recommend getting the armour and weapon textures from aMidianBorn Book of Silence.
The dwarven bow recolour sits really well in line with the dwarven armour texture in that collection!
Though it is an Oldrim mod, just download the files and install manually and it will work like a dream!

Additionally if you wish to use the real bows models standalone (not overwrites of the vanilla bows),
simply download Real Bows SE - Standalone which thankfully was ported by fattyzhouse.