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Adds music and dancing to Skyrim's #1 bathhouse and all of Skyrim. Turn on the music and watch as Suite residents shake their junk. Or, ask an NPC to perform a specific dance for you.

Permissions and credits
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Music and Dancing in the Luxury Suite

Music and Dance Features for Bathing Beauties or Beefcake -- Luxury Suite

This upload is moderated by Migal and OldMansBeard.

Featured on Skyrim Mods Weekly

Farkas Gets Down!

--------- Requirements:

Skyrim SE

Fore's New Idles in Skyrim (remember to run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe)

Bathing Beauties or Beefcake -- Luxury Suite SE

---------- Usage:

- Install FNIS
- Install Bathing Beauties or Beefcake -- Luxury Suite SE
- Install this mod (just make your life easy and use NMM).
- Run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe (very important)
- Spellbooks can turn the music on and off, and change tracks. They can be purchased from BBLS innkeepers. These spells allow you to have music and dancing all over Skyrim. The music can also be controlled by buttons inside the Suite, on the exterior hot tub and inside the BBLS Residence.
- Once the music is turned on, NPCs that live in the Suite will sometimes randomly dance on the first floor or outside.
- While the music is on, you may ask NPCs to perform dances by dance name.
- Turning the Music off disables dancing and sets the soundtrack back to vanilla.
- This mod comes with my own copyrighted music, so it works "out of the box." However, you can replace the music tracks with whatever you like, as long as it is in the XWM format. You can have up to 25 music tracks, named track1.xwm - track25.xwm. These tracks must be placed in your Data\Music\BBLSmusic folder.

I recommend converting your mp3 files with this tool, available here on the Nexus:
UNFUZER CPP EDITION by greentea101

---------- Incompatibility:

None that I am aware of.

---------- Known Issues:

Sometimes, when using the buttons to turn on music inside the Suite or residence, the music won't turn on.  Exiting the cell will cause the music to start.

You cannot ask an NPC to dance while they are in follower mode. I disable dance commands on NPCs in follow mode to avoid potential conflict. In this case, I simply did it because one or the other has to have priority -- either following or dancing. If I gave dancing the higher priority, when you asked a dancer to follow, they would ignore you and keep on dancing. I made dancing the lower priority, which allows you to break an NPC out of dance mode by asking them to follow you.

---------- Uploading Screenshots:

Feel free to post them, but please remember. I want to keep this mod from getting flagged as adult, so no naughty bits. If you want to demonstrate that you've turned the Suite into a strip club, post those screenshots over in the Suite's image uploads, where the adult flag is set.

---------- Credits:

Aanascent -- Music - can be found on Youtube and Facebook.

One of the dance animations comes from a site known as LL and was created by Leito. His Nexus page is:

Umpa -- Dance Animation for Modder: Please endorse Umpa if you want to see more great animations in the game!

Fore -- FNIS: If you like this mod, please endorse FNIS.

My moderator and tester: Please be nice to OMB. He gives me the time to mod, instead of answering questions in the comments section all day.

---------- Permissions:

Aanascent's permission is required to use the music that comes with this mod for commercial purposes.

Both Leito and Umpa say their dance animations are modder's resources and permission is given to use them. But, you should find those permissions yourself if you want to use them, in case their status changes some time after I make this mod.

---------- Contact:

Migal130 on the Nexus

---------- Dedication:

This mod is dedicated to all the people who asked me why I couldn't make the indoor pool bigger. Now you know why.