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Small mod that adds two new alteration spells. Low Alchemy and High Alchemy. They will transmute items to gold. Drop items no longer!

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Works fine in 1.6
MCM added

What's Available?

  • Experience Per Cast
  • Amount of Gold you receive
  • Enchanted Item Multiplier
  • The carry weight attribute of the container...pretty much irrelevant, you can leave this at the default 32000
  • The message showed to you when you alch an item
  • Whether you are able to alch stolen items
  • Whether you want to alch items one at a time or all at once
  • Whether or not to play the RS alch sounds
  • Statistics page for reading stats about gold and exp gained

Just to preface this, I looked for a mod that did something similar and I could not find one, maybe it's buried in some kind of larger overhaul...I don't know. Either way wanted to thank "Sacralletius" on the Skyrim Mods reddit for basically outlining an easy way to accomplish this using the Gift Menu in the game already!

Came back to Skyrim again after a few months and was playing through on a new character. I kept getting loaded down in dungeons with all this crap gear that I ended up dropping, that would have been nice to sell early game. So this is basically a way to clean out the crap, it's still much better to sell your items but this way you can get rid of them on-the-go and get a bit of Alteration experience while you're at it!

You can pick-up Low Alchemy early on and cast it at level 1. Anywhere you can buy normal low level Alteration spells(Oakflesh or Magelight).
You can pick-up High Level Alchemy at 50 Alteration (You need 50 to cast it anyway). Again, anywhere you can buy those higher tier spells.

They're both relatively low magicka to cast. Once you open the menu you can liquidate all your items without spending anymore.
*When using Base Item Value: Enchanted items return the "base" item cost, meaning the item w/o the enchantment.
*When not using Base Item Value: The mod will attempt to find the "real" item value, but as of this stage it seems a bit inaccurate for user-enchanted items
Because of this, there is an included default 10x multiplier added any item detected to have an enchantment. This is configurable.

If you're having problems getting the mcm to show up try typing "setstage ski_configmanagerinstance 1"
This will have SkyUI refresh the MCM list

Source for the papyrus scripts are of course included.

P.S. The sounds for the spells are from the actual RuneScape Game

P.S. P.S. Ignore the default UI in the screenshots, was trying it out versus SkyUI with my controller

3/21/24: Doing a new playthrough and added Power variants of the two spells for more convenience. They cost a bit more gold and double the magicka to cast.