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Tired of those fences that are always flickering from a distance? These new meshes will fix that.

Now with a few options to choose from.

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~ Thank you for 190K downloads and 4.2K endorsements on the Special Edition! ~
Reuploaded for Skyrim Special Edition due to popular demand. Find the original mod here!

Fences of Skyrim
by Therobwil


                      Thanks to Hodilton for this super-cinematic video!                                                        And thank you to Nozi87, for this fine showcase.

THANK YOU to EAGnR, who made the barbed wire for this mod!

= Description =
Tired of those badly aliased fences that you find in farms and towns? Well this mod will fix that!
Fences of Skyrim replaces those ugly vanilla fences with new ones that will not flicker from a distance!

= Which version is for you? =
Standard - The standard version contains only my meshes, allowing you to use your own textures.
Use this version if you wish to to use either vanilla textures, or textures from another mod. 

Barbed Wire edition - Using new animal-herding technology, you can now utilize barbed wire for fences!
Keep your small animals inside the fences, and the predators out. Being a farmer has never been so easy.
The barbed wire can be used with any other fence texture available, just choose the file/s you want from the file page.
A huge thank you to the glorious EAGnR, who made the barbed wire!

Weathered edition - If you want fences to look more old and realistic, then you might like this version.
This version does include textures, and will overwrite any fence textures you are already using.
Choose the 2K version for the highest texture quality, or the 1K version if you want better performance.

Vivid Landscapes Patch - If gorgeous parallax textures are what you seek, click on this link and take a peek.
This version allows you to use my fence meshes with the special parallax textures from Vivid Landscapes.
See the mod here (Special Edition version): Vivid Landscapes

= Compatibility =
This mod is compatible with all texture mods, such as 2k Skyrim,
or any other mod that could replace fence textures.

You can use this mod with SMIM, providing Fences of Skyrim is
placed afterwards in the mod list, or installed afterwards.
However, both mods cannot change the fences at the same time,
so I recommend using the fence meshes from this mod, leaving SMIM
to handle the rest of Skyrim's meshes.

It should be noted that SMIM does not fix the flickering problem,
and it has been reported to actually make the problem worse.

= Requirements =
Nothing is required to use it! Install and enjoy!

= Install =
Install using your favorite mod manager, or extract the contents of the mod archive to your Skyrim Data folder.

= Thanks to =
NifSkope, which I used to create the meshes.
GIMP, which I used to create the new textures.

Bethesda, for making the vanilla meshes and for creating our beloved Skyrim.
Nexus users, for anyone who tries the mod and gives me some kind feedback!

= Reviews =
'And here I thought I was the only one who hated those jagged fences. Absolutely endorsed!!!' ~ SHAMROKKS

'Oh my god. So small yet changes so much. Heres my vote.' ~ xTyfe00

'Let it be known my brothers and sisters, that I (as a man of virtue and diligence) on this day look upon
this mod and do not see a fence... but more than that. This does not just show
a simple fence but a beacon of hope, an ember of all that is golden... ingenuity.'  ~ beefyboy286