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This replaces Hold Guards and Stormcloaks with AVE and Vanilla Armor and NordWarUA stuff

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All Hold guards have had their armor replaced with AVE and Vanilla armor.

Armors replaced with ( Steel set, Leather set, Plate set, Iron set, Scale set ).

Holds will have higher level of equipment depending on their city or region wealth. ( eg. Solitude will have two type of set to choose from such as Steel and Plate sets while Whiterun will have only Steel set. A poor region like Riften will only have leather and iron sets, Markarth will have dwarven gear ).

Stormcloaks will have access to Scale, Leather, Iron, and Steel.

1.2 now gives Stormcloak and Windhelm guards access to NordWarUA gear such as Stark, Chainmail, and Heavy Nordic Gear.

It is gated behind a leveled list that starts from Level 1, then at Lvl 15-20, then at 30-35.

1.3 Removed Stark and Chainmail Gear, I felt it was too out of place.

 - Re-introduced vanilla guard armor to stormcloak aligned holds. 
 - All stormcloak soldiers now have a decent chance to spawn with Riften, Pale, Winterhold, Stormcloak vanilla armor and helmets.
This would allow for more variations in the Stormcloak army.

1.4 Reintroduces Vanilla Guard Armors for all Hold Guards. Added Markarth, Morthal, Solitude, Falkreath, and Whiterun guard armors to Stormcloaks. Imperial Aligned Hold guards will wear imperial Hands and bracers whereas Stormcloaks will wear fur.

This will show that the Stormcloaks are disorganized but have supporters in every hold. Riften, Windhelm, Pale, and Winterhold armors have 2x chance to spawn more than their Imperial counterparts.