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A texture and mesh edit to make arrows and bolts easier to retrieve.

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Updated to 2.0 to match the LE version of this mod.

Version 1.0 makes arrows/bolts bright white.

Version 1.5 makes arrows/bolts bright white and makes FIRED arrows and bolts glow. Arrows that have not been fired that you find around the world will not glow but will be all white and easier to see.

Version 2.0 makes only those arrows/bolts fired from a bow/crossbow white and also makes them glow so they are very easy to see for retrieval. It
affects any arrow or bolt fired whether shot by you or by an NPC, but does not affect any quivers or any arrows/bolts hand placed into the world. This version is the one I like the most. Versions 1.0 and 1.5 both made the quivers of your enemies too easy to see and ruined immersion a little too much. I wanted to be able to see my arrows to retrieve them, not have an easier time seeing my undamaged enemies.

To install, download the appropriate version and use Vortex or you can manually unzip the file and put the folder(s) in your Data folder.

Arrows affected by this mod once fired at something:
Ancient Nord Arrows
Daedric Arrows
Dragonbone Arrows
Dwarven Arrows
Ebony Arrows
Elven Arrows
Falmer Arrows
Forsworn Arrows
Glass Arrows
Iron Arrows
Nord Hero Arrows
Orcish Arrows
Steel Arrows
Stalhrim Arrows

Bolts affected by this mod once fired at something:
Dwarven Bolts
Steel Bolts

Does not affect:
Riekling Spears
Arrows and Bolts that are loose in the world or in quivers, or that you are preparing to shoot at something but have not yet done so.

Might affect:
Arrows added by other mods, depending on how they were done.

If anyone sees any arrows or bolts I missed, or really wants Riekling Spears included let me know and I'll update this to include them.

Mod can be installed or uninstalled at any time and will not affect your save in any way as it only contains textures and meshes.

Thank you all for your Endorsements!