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This mod adds Witcher's as a new race to the game. With a few new related signs, it is not just like the game but close. Igni and Aard, with my own Twist on it and some fully new spells. I plan to continue to update it with more content periodically as well, until it is perfected to my standards.

Permissions and credits
Adds the Witcher race to the game as a playable race to Skyrim SE and Skyrim VR, NOT  compatible with Oldrim(old skyrim). 

SKSE is required and it is advisable to only add this mod into a new game. In addition this mod will be updated as time goes. I am 
not sure what I will do with it just yet but I plan to take it at a steady pace and make sure it is cool. 

Well enjoy the mod and I hope it gives you a lot of fun.

I added a new non lore to either Skyrim or the Witcher universe Power to the mod called Witcher "Endomorphisis", it stacks and increases movement speed among other attributes.

This mod is best used on Expert mode and above because as a Witcher your stamina, health, and magica regen 2-3 times faster per stat. Since Witcher's are around 2-3 times stronger than a natural human I figured this was a good estimate. Your unarmed combat damage is also about triple that of a human.

Just use Nexus Mod Manager 2 and download it. Does not matter where it is in your load order. I still recommend running LOOT though because it will appropriately sort all mods you are using.

If you are playing as a Witcher in this play through I recommend not uninstalling it since your race will no longer exist and I am sure that will brick the play through. 

Mods I recommend used with this.

  • A Witcher's Adventure
  • The Witcher 3 Music Overhaul (SE Edition)
  • All monsters made from Mihail Monsters and Animas (MIHAIL SSE PORT) mods, adds a ton of fun.
  • Human male and female texture mods
  • SIMM
  • Some kind of lighting mod

Note From Author (Me)
Please also note I do plan to update the mod with more spells in the future in between my other commitments in life, such as but not limited to work. 

In addition to that I will also release a version with no spells added to it so that people can use their own spells or really focus on the sign versions found in the "A Witcher's Adventure" mod that I am a HUGE fan of.

Finally I do NOT accept donations and do NOT wish to profit off of this in any way. I am only sharing my mod that I used in my own play through because I could not find a Witcher race mod that got it right. I then created my own. Although with that said endorsements are appreciated because then more people will notice my mod and enjoy it as well.

Tools used

Creation kit
BSA opener for Base game skyrim data files