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Erik the Slayer has been a mercenary for a few years now. He has grown wiser, more experienced, and improved his skill. While he still has his boyish enthusiasm he now looks older and has a few battle scars. He has his own custom equipment and has studied the techniques of the Nord Barbarians. Find him in Rorikstead eager for adventure!

Permissions and credits
Erik the Slayer - Now Older and Wiser

Erik is the son of Rorikstead's innkeeper, Mralki, and use to work as a farmer around the small community. After meeting up with an adventurer, who helped him learn the trade, he has had some time to learn being a mercenary ... at least in the local area. Mainly fighting off bandits, vampires, and a few Forsworn while he protects the people of Rorikstead and the surrounding area.

He has grown wiser, more experienced, and improved his skill. While he still has his boyish enthusiasm he now looks older, has gained some muscle, and has a few battle scars. During an adventure at a nearby crypt he found a long lost ancient Nord amulet that he proudly wears at all times, saying it helps protect him from physical attacks. From a fight with an adept vampire he claimed the Ring of the Wolf which grants him protection against magical attacks. Wanting greater mobility he retired his iron armor and replaced it with superior leather armor that he looted from a bandit chieftain. He now feels he is better outfitted for some serious fighting.

But he grows bored with Rorikstead and more then anything is hoping his friend the Dragonborn will return one day and take him on many exciting adventures. What say you?


This mod is a make-over of the default Erik the Slayer character, after you have completed his first quest and he goes from Erik the Farmer to Erik the Slayer. It is stand alone in that it requires no other mods to run. It is the same Erik just with a new look, some new abilities, new custom equipment, and more appropriate skills. Here is a quick summary of the basic changes:

- Barbarian custom armor thanks to hothtrooper44.
- A greatsword to fit his new status
- An ancient Nordic Amulet (may clip depending on body type)
- Custom class. The original Erik was set for barbarian yet had shield, one handed, and heavy armor. I have redone his class to match his barbarian combat mode. Weights (higher the value the faster those items will go up): Health 4, Stamina 2; 1H=1, 2H=3, Archery=2, LA=3, Sneak=2
- Essential and does not affect stealth detection
- Small boost to starting health and stamina
- Level changed to be 10 to 80
- Can be married
- Added some perks to help with combat and stealth (light foot, deepwound60, stealth80, agiledefender60, barbarian40).

Note that how he looks in your game will depend on the textures and body type you use. I am using SOS for the body type, Genox's normal map (for chin and neck scruff), a custom patch for SkySkins from FadingSignal adjusted to work with SOS, AOF hair, and some of Xenius's work (eyes, scars, dirt, etc.).


It is compatible with any mod that is able to work with the vanilla version of Erik. No scripts have been altered. He should work just fine with Nethers Framework,  AFT, or any other follower mod that works with baseline followers and NPC's.

The outfit that Erik has as a default is based on the barbarian armor made by hothtrooper44. He granted permission for me to extract just the armor pieces I needed and include them with Erik.


You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances. None of the contents may be reused without permission.


First and foremost to hothtrooper44 for letting me use their barbarian armor mesh and textures.

Second special thanks to Greyblood, Highonsunday, and Netherwalker for inspiring me to make my own NPC mod
... even if they didn't know they inspired me :)

Third special thanks to all the people who spent time creating tutorials to use, I would have been lost without them.
Especially j-u-i-c-e at

Lastly thanks to Bethseda for creating this amazing game and all the wonderful modders who have made this game so much more amazing.