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Erik wants to join Dovahkiin on his missions to destroy all evil and corruption in the world. ESL Version available.

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Erik The Red is a Nord who comes from a line of great, but brutal warriors. After his father retired as a warrior, he settled in as a woodcutter and set up an mill business, that was pretty successful. Erik started using axes as very young, and helped his dad with woodcutting work, while he also started training to become a warrior as great as his dad, when he was old enough! Because he started using axes already at an young age, he is very good with axes and prefers to use them in battle as well, and not just when he is cutting wood. He is also good with swords, but his all time favorite weapon is a war axe. When Erik came to age he moved away from home and ended up in Riverwood, where he takes small jobs at the mill. He prefers to go to the Inn to get a mug of mead, when ever he does not have any work to tend to. Erik heard about a hero, that has legendary powers, and also heard about his good deeds. Erik, now hopes to bee able to join Dovahkiin and his missions.

  • Eyes: Green Blue
  • Hair: Burgundy
  • Race: Nord
  • Clothes: Green Farmer Tunic
  • Weapons: Steel Axe
  • Inventory: Steele Plate Armor
  • Spells: Healing
  • Location: Riverwood, Sleeping Giant Inn
  • Essential: YES
  • Marriageable: For the right girl, YES!


You need  Fine Face Textures for Men for the heads to look like the picture.

Credits and content

Apachii Sky Hair
Vibrant Eyes
Hvergelmir's Brows