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This one will be replacing "Enemy Captives Redone" cuz it's better.

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This is my 4th iteration of a yielding/captives mod because im'a slow learner. I will say I had a few laughs play/testing this one. Because of the little unexpected surprises that revealed themselves between the AI and vanilla procedure packages that surfaced as I played. I want this to be as lightweight and unobtrusive as it can with out altering too much of the game dynamics. Be warned that capturing quest NPCs will break quests if not completed. Captured NPCs are not automatically set to be **TeamMates like vanilla followers when captured which I find to be predictable and robotic. captured NPCs sometime seem to have their own personalities in some situations But, I'll leave those situations for you to discover.

NPCs will yield at less than 16% health or bleedout whichever comes first for 30secs and beg for forgiveness. Becareful for the fakers. During those 30 secs you should inform them that they are now your captive and will do your bidding.  Alternatively NPCs at 100% health may be captured by using a vanilla calm spell. Simply inform them of their new career in servitude to you. In all yielding situations after 30 secs if not addressed NPCs will resume normal operations and attack if hostile. After being captured the NPC will regen 1 health point every 3 secs. Some captives may not have voice to some of the dialogue. If all goes well I'll work on that.

Enemy Captives Redone users. I'll be focusing my efforts toward this mod from now on and sadly they are not compatible once again. I recommend switching at some point. No more subdue shout for the non-bleeders. Captives now wait/loiter when told to do so after changing cells. Bounties however if left tied will follow you when changing cells and still be flagged for bounty. I think I'll be able to fix this eventually.

With other Mods
To see dialogue from other follower mods such as "Sleep for me Now", "Dance for Me", "Simple Outfit manager", "MHIYH" ETC.. enable TeamMate setting.

Current Dialogue
  • Al right, listen...
1. You.. Come with me. Understand? - (follows player) up to 5 NPCs at once. Automatically disables Teammate which can be enabled if desired.
a) You may hang around, here but stay out of trouble. - (loiter- large radius) up to 5 NPCs at once
b) Stand right here and don't move a muscle. - (stand on that spot) up to 5 NPCs at once
c) Go find and protect the letter with your life - (seeks out player placed ***"Letter of Dire Urgency" and Loiter- small radius) up to 5 NPCs at once
2. I want you to. command mode. Go there, attack that, steal that
3. Show me what you're carrying items besides equipped items
4. You are excused until I come looking for you again releases NPC as friendly. Disables TeamMate if enabled for MHIYH else NPC returns to spawn point.
5. I'll be keeping you forever clones NPC to remain as they are (only use once per NPC) still trying to figure a better way to incorporate this function.
6. About your fighting tactics. sets *AI data below
a) You should think for yourself / You should mimic and think like me toggles NPC in/out as a Player **Teammate.
b) You should handle encounters by..  aggression settings 0 thru 3
c) You should use a fighting style of..  Confidence settings 0 thru 4
d) When you see others fighting..  assistance settings 0 thru 2
e) Your morality should be that you'll commit.. Morality settings 0 thru 3
7. On your knees. You need to be restrained. allows for player to turn in NPC captive to any guard for bounty.
8. Take that off removes equipped item in slot and drops it on the ground (sometimes i want a piece of their armor)
  • Assist me in combat from now on / Don't assist me in combat same as 6a. toggles **Teammate. Main topic for quick access. not related to 6d

 * AI data - for a deeper understanding check out the two links found here AIDATA and SetPlayerTeammate
Note: You can tweak 6b,6c,6d to offer something similar to the captive being a TeamMate.

** TeamMate - an NPC that sneaks or draws their weapon as the player does. Must be within so many feet of each other. Automatically attacks anything attacking the player or the player is attacking. "predictable and robotic" I'm pretty sure enabling the TeamMate setting will override most AI data.

*** "The Letter of Dire Urgency" can be found on the fireplace mantel of the Riverwood trader. The letter must be placed in an Interior/Exterior cell for the selected protectors to find it. Not in a container.
Otherwise it's protectors will remain at the last place it was found. If picked up and moved the protectors will look for it again.

Cloned NPCs
"I'll be keeping you forever" If you plan on keeping an NPC permanently You'll want to make sure you clone them. I've noticed that as the player levels up captured NPC instead of leveling up will just be reissued from the same leveled list as a  new NPC of the appropriate level. Cloning will also prevent radiant quest NPCs from being erased when changing cells. When cloning an NPC their appearance will remain the same but their armor may be reissued. So if you want them to keep their armor "Take that off" and give it back to them. Otherwise you can use Simple NPC Outfit Manager to change their outfit entirely. If you prefer the way Simple NPC Outfit Manager was in Enemy Captives Redone. Make a request for it.

Bounties video below is bounties from enemy captives but it works the exact same.

A rudimentary bounty system is in place that enables you to bring your captives to a standard guard and get paid for your efforts.
bounty price = (25 septums) * (level of captive) + (some random change)
a) put the captives on their knees or tell them about paying the piper
b) speak to a guard
c) inform the captive of their fate.

For SSE users: I am also uploading a patch for FableForge's "Knockout & Surrender" Mod because I had a blast using that as well. But keep an eye on Quantumyilmaz and ThrowawaySkyrimNexus they may want their patches to operate differently than what I have.

A tremendous thx to Ashal because the core of this mod is his mind scripts and I haven't the programing skill nor the aptitude to create them.