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Improved Magic Anomalies fixes numerous problems in these mysterious pure magic entities, and further expands their concept and abilities.

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Mysterious wisp-like luminous creatures, these blue balls of luminescent magic arise through ruptures in reality, brought about by disturbances derived from improper manipulation of the Eye of Magnus during the events of the College of Winterhold. It is unknown what they are, nor if they have any kind of awareness, if they have a previous existence, or if they originated at the time of the disturbances, it is only known that they have several problems in the game vanilla, which this mod solves.

But, let's go by parts, so that users understand perfectly
what this mod does, and how the Magic Anomalies work in the game:

How Magic Anomalies are implemented in the vanilla game? - After the events of the Containment quest, they appear spammed by a magical rupture in Winterhold, which the player must destroy. Later, they randomly appear in the Aftershock quest as well, a repeatable quest after you become Archmage, whenever you ask Toldfir if "Is there anything I should be aware of?", being in this second situation the context in which Magic Anomalies respawn. They can also, although very rarely, be found randomly in nature. In their apparitions, they can alternate in size;

What are their problems? -The main problem that originates all the others is that since they are an enemy that appears very rarely, nobody wanted to invest much effort on their creation. Therefore, they re-use not only the Ice Wraiths animations, but absolutely everything else, from attacks, special effects, sounds and even death type. This of course is an immersion killer.

Knowing this, what this mod does:

- keeps them animated like ice wraiths, as they match the style, but modifies their speed and time of acceleration and deceleration, making them more fluid and faster in their movements;

- links them separately with the type of skeleton they use, so they are not affected by mods that modify the skeletons, therefore also the physical proportions, of the Ice Wraiths;

- removes some attacks to distinguish them from Ice Wraiths, leaving them only with moves similar to vanilla Wisp attacks, without performing dives, and adds a magical contact effect that causes a flash of light that momentarily leaves the player immersed in a blinding intense magic light (during 1 second), when attacked by them, making their combat more difficult. While in the vanilla game they cause the same ice damage as Ice Wraiths, which even appears in Active Effects as Ice Wraith Bite. The new Magic Anomaly attacks now also completely drain the victim's magic momentarily, as they drain it on contact during the flash of light, and delay its recovery a little as well;

- while in the vanilla game they re-used all the sounds of the Ice Wraiths, now they have a loop sound similar to the Magnus's Eye itself, despite reduced in comparison, which represents a certain energetic instability, also they no longer have step sounds that were the sliding sounds of the Ice Wraiths, their impact in combat has a new and magical sound as well, in addition to the sound they produce when they die. Unfortunately some sounds are attached to animations and cannot be removed unless they are removed from all creatures that share those animations, so some Ice Wraith sounds are still left, but much less;

- speaking of death, in the vanilla game they die like an Ice Wraith, now they have a unique death effect too, exploding in blue magic light orbs, leaving a pile of ether on the ground;

- now they have special abilities: 70% resistance to magic, although 30% less resistance in case of shock as it drains mana, 100% resistance to poison and diseases, besides the possibility of floating above water. Furthermore, it is impossible to capture their souls (since they do not possess them) or reanimate them after killed;

- modifications to the combat style, making them act more like non-sentient magical minions, rather than creatures capable of self-preservation. Their tendency now is to attack more with fewer retreats, and even more ruthless when in a group;

- new and own faction, where only they are included, since in the original version they belonged to the Ice Wraith faction, which made them align with them and Hagravens when they met, which doesn't make sense;

- they do a little more damage now, but nothing absurd. Also, in vanilla game they were the only entities that infinitely level up with the player. They keep going up to a very high cap, but now it only reaches level 100;

- they no longer have loot. In the vanilla game they dropped soul gems, but it was just a hole filler like everything else in their creation. The quests where they appear already have a good reward;

- When you attack a Magic Anomaly using the Staff of Magnus, instead of it first draining all the magic from them and only after that start draining life (like it does with all the other targets), with them it starts draining life immediately, justifying Toldfir telling you to take the Staff when you go to fight them. The connection between the Eye of Magnus, the Staff of Magnus and the magical ruptures themselves, and their consequent Magic Anomalies, justifies this.

Known issues::

According to UESP:
(all vanilla)

. The rupture may be randomly placed intersecting water, if this is the case then it cannot be completed as the rift does not properly show up and anomalies do not spawn; (This bug is fixed by version 2.0.4 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch)

. If you come across the Magic Anomalies before speaking to Tolfdir then the quest cannot be completed. (This issue has been addressed by version 1.3 of the Official Skyrim Patch; the quest will automatically start at stage 20 upon defeating all Magic Anomalies. You can then return to Tolfdir for your reward and the quest will end normally)

This mod is NOT compatible with ABSOLUTELY ANY mod that in any
way modifies
ANYTHING AT ALL in the Magic Anomalies. If you want to use it
in combination with any of these mods, use it at your own risk.



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so you should also make sure they are up to date with my official PC releases.


Author: Mihail- magic and sound effects, game implementation


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