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Learn ingredient effects by reading recipes.

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Why am I porting this: It is a neat feature that should have been in the game to begin with. As well, this is a feature that a mod I'm working on would benefit from.

NOTE: This is NOT my mod so I will not do any tech support for it beyond issues created by the porting of the mod. I will also not be posting any patches for any mods. I have also only ported the SkyUI version because if you aren't using SkyUI at this point there is something wrong with you. This is the work of NeoRunek not me.

From Original Modpage


Vanilla recipes are useless, but with the help of this mod your character can learn ingredients effects just by reading alchemy recipes, and if you collect the ingredients needed for the potion, the alchemy workbench will display the corresponding menu to craft it, instead of having to remember the ingredients yourself.

This Mod fixes some mistakes on vanilla recipes and it adds the following new recipes to vendors:

  • Fortify Barter
  • Fortify Health
  • Fortify Heavy Armor
  • Fortify Light Armor
  • Fortify Lockpicking
  • Fortify Magicka
  • Fortify Marksman
  • Fortify Smithing
  • Fortify Sneak
  • Fortify Stamina
  • Regenerate Health
  • Regenerate Magicka
  • Regenerate Stamina
  • Resist Magic
  • Restore Stamina
  • Waterbreathing
  • Frenzy
  • Slow

For a better immersive experience the following alchemy skill books can teach ingredients effects too:

  • De Rerum Dirennis
  • Herbalist's Guide To Skyrim (revised)

The story of De Rerum Dirennis has been changed, now the ingredients and potions of the story makes more sense, therefore you can craft the potions of the story if you have the corresponding ingredients.

All the recipes you buy or loot and the two edited skill books will have a little script attached to them, it will make your character learn the corresponding effects of the ingredients listed in the recipe in order to help you craft the potion you are reading about. There is no background process you have to worry about.

Well, there is a problem, if you are not creating a new game, all your recipes you currently possess have to be converted to make them work with this mod, so you need a way to transform old recipes into new ones. I programed different approaches to fix this problem.