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Modifies citizen inventories to make more sense. Very pickpocket immersion, much wow.

Permissions and credits
This mod alters the leveled lists for citizens and rebalances or completely redirects some things about them to have citizen inventories make more sense. Its purpose is to make the world feel more immersive for pickpocketers. There is more of a contrast between the inventories of poor and rich people. And less immersion-breaking things like enchanted rings on poor people or lockpicks on citizens.

Required mods: USSEP
Install with a mod manager.

Create bashed patch with Wrye Bash. You will not see mod-added items on citizens if you don't do this.

  • Citizens now carry food and drink reflecting their status. Doing this required separating citizen food from inn food lists, which means mod-added food won't be seen on citizens. I think it's still worth it.
  • Food that doesn't make sense to be carried around by people can't be found anymore. Nobody is walking around with stews and soups on their person.
  • New set of misc items that each class has a chance of carrying. Including books and mostly useless crap.
  • Poor people carry less gold, common folk carry more, rich folk carry a lot more. Rich maximum is at 90 septims, to give a reference point.
  • There is now a new class of poor: dirt poor. Beggars and Markarth Warrens workers are included in this one. The have their own list of items to choose from.
  • Valuables are less common in everyone. I didn't like how you could find 2 pieces of enchanted jewelry sitting on a random commoner. The poor can only have things from their own set of (poor) rings that they have a very low chance of carrying. Rich people are still relatively loaded.
  • Lockpicks can't be found on non-beggar citizens anymore.

Some things to keep in mind
There are NPC edits to beggars, so it should be as early as it can in your load order, before NPC mods. You don't want minor edits from this mod overwriting something from your other mods unless you know what you're doing.

Bethesda decided that beggars and people who run market stands are on the same level of poor and gave them the same leveled lists. Because of this, I've had to separate them. This means that mod-added items won't be found on beggars.

Some of the loot, like jewelry and gems, is leveled. I didn't remove the leveling because that is out of scope.

Can be merged with other mods to save esp slots.

I do not take requests.

If you think these changes make sense then you might want to look at my other similar mods as well.

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