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Monster Mod is ripping it's way into Special Edition!

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Aiming rebuild and maintain this amazing mod left behind by DogTown1. 

Rebuilding the team, get in touch for more details!

WIP | If you find any bugs please report them


Welcome to Monster Mod here on the Special Edition Nexus. 
As some of you may know, this was a mod back in 2013 on the Skyrim Nexus. 
It was a re-loaded version of the 'Monster Mod' by Dogtown1. Ironman5000 was responsible for this. 
Over time many open resources were added, and lots of people contributed their resources to the mod. 
I am now currently making new resources for the mod, fixing bugs, and maintaining it with the full permission and go ahead from ironman5000. 
This is a lightweight, script free experience that fits in seamlessly to the world.

Head Here to see video updates and trailers



Tamriel is a Dark Place, full of Terrors that plague the Land, Seas and Skies. 
Ever feel like Skyrim didn't live up to that? Monster Mod is here to bridge the gap. Monster Mod adds Hundreds of new Creatures to Skyrim integrated through level lists. Monster Mod's main aim is to increase Diversity and Challenge, and will continue to keep doing so as you level and progress through Skyrim, meaning some of the most bad ass creatures will only appear at higher levels, so keep hunting! Monster Mod also adds new drops to the new creatures, including new Weapons and Alchemy ingredients to keep adding spice to your game.
Monster Mod adds many components to increase diversity, I broke them into categories so it's easier to see what the Mod adds.
These Include... 


Monster Mod adds countless new variations to the Monsters of Skyrim to combat the feeling or repetition the vanilla game had. It does this by adding hundreds of new variations to standard creatures, so even when fighting a Draugr for the 1 millionth time, it will still be a unique and different encounter. 

Re-Birth of Lore Creatures

Miss a monster from Morrowind? or Oblivion? This mod aims to bring back many of the creatures from previous Elder Scrolls games, and the lore. Lots of Daedra and Creatures were missing from Skyrim that appeared in so many Elder Scrolls games, and even made it to ESO. This aspect makes Skyrim not feel so cut off from Tamriel and the lore.  This is now fixed with this mod, by adding classics such as Scamps, Guar, Daedroths and Daedra Spiders! These Lore Based Creatures Also Include Variants


Adding in more unique and interesting creatures to Skyrim still while keeping the feel of the base game. This is where the creation of entirely new monsters comes in. The new Monsters do not feel out of place, and while they are technically lore breaking, they still fit, don't break immersion. You'll feel like they were meant to be there from the start. The new monsters will also drop new items, such as weapons and Alchemy ingredients only found on their corpses, giving more reason to hunt these beasts down! These New Monsters Also Include Variants.

While not 'lore friendly' in the typical sense, the additions aim to not break the feeling of Skyrim. This mod is meant for a fresh gameplay experience and to keep things interesting. 

This mod is not to be confused with the original 'Monster Mod v13'. That is still being worked on by the developer.
I have re-loaded this mod, similar to ironman5000's work. 


Simple. Download and Install with NMM, or Download Manually, Drag and drop into you Data Folder. 
Requires a fresh save, or wait in a 'safe' cell for 5 days. 


This mod has no scripts, no cell edits, no animations, no package edits, it is compatible with pretty much everything. I am working on a Patch for Skytest Realistic A&P, but the mod still runs fine with it (fully tested)


Download the new version and overwrite, wait indoors for 4 days for the level lists to reset. 


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Special thanks to Ironman5000, who re-loaded this mod and kept it alive. Original Mod By Ironman5000
This would not have been possible if not for Dogtown1, so go check out his Monster Mod on DB! just google it ;)