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Now the magnitude of your spells increases by 1% for each skill point in any given spell school.

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Hello There!

This little mod changes the Novice perk in each of Magic schools to also increase the Magnitude of spells in that school by 1% for every skill point, so at 100, all your spells would be twice as powerful. Nice and easy progression with no sudden jumps in power. 

If you want this for your favourite perk mod, tell me, I'll do it. Maybe, probably, some day? Version for Adamant included. Esl-flagged.

2% Versions for Vanilla and Adamant are in Optional.

P.S. Checked Ordinator, and with all the perks included, adding this on top is just pointless, since some of them do exactly the same thing in a pretty balanced, but convoluted manner. Accounting for everything in that mess is too much effort for a guy with Lazy in his name.