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Adds two new sister followers: Alice Alice and Erin Erin in the Frost Fruit Inn in Rorikstead. They have 3BA CBBE bodies and high poly heads. Includes some background dialogue about themselves via SKVA synth voices.

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High poly head


Alice Alice and Erin Erin are two sisters who were recently orphaned. Now, with no way to go, they're staying at the Frost Fruit Inn in Rorikstead, waiting for somebody to follow.

You can ask them why they're named like that but I don't think even they know why.


Don't be fooled by her long, pink hair and her bright smiles because when she gets upset, her greataxe does all the talking. Being the older sister, Alice Alice often thinks she can protect her little sister from anything, even dragons or trolls, but misfortune always catch up when you're not looking. She always seem to lookout for her sister since that one fateful day... She likes to keep things neat and tidy and does all the cleaning herself.

Although she looks a bit aloof and "out there" sometimes, Erin Erin is actually skilled in blacksmithing and alchemy since she's always curious about experimenting with whatever she has around her. But she does have a streak of shyness across her face that makes her unapproachable by others. Not like she wants to be approached. Nevertheless, the only person she's ever close with is her sister, depending on her to do things she can never get herself to do... Like talking to other people.

Alice Alice

Race: Nord
Level: Same as player
Weight: 0
Height: 0.9
Class: Two-handed greataxe
Voice type: Female young eager
Marriable: Yes

Erin Erin

Race: Nord
Level: Same as player
Weight: 0
Height: 0.9
Class: Two-handed greatsword
Voice type: Female young eager
Marriable: Yes

CBBE by Caliente
Bodyslide by Ousnius
CBBE 3BA by Acro
High Poly Head by KouLeifoh
The Eyes of Beauty by docteure
KSHairdos by Kalilies
Expressive Facegen Morphs by Niroku
Racemenu by expired

This is my first mod, so if there are any bugs or whatever, just comment and I'll try to fix it. As for how the SKVA synth voices sound like, I tried my best to make it seem realistic but it's my first attempt, so expect some robotic voice here and there.

sorry ;(