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Fixes armchairs in Myrwatch CC becoming absolute units from Thrones of Skyrim

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When you have Thrones of Skyrim installed, armchairs in Myrwatch become stone thrones of Winterhold. Not exactly comfy. Even with pillow added on them.

Issue: When Bethesda made thrones of Whiterun, Winterhold, Falkreath, Morthal and Dawnstar, despite them being almost exactly the same objects, they actually assigned each of them an unique mesh. It was required for them to have diffrent colours of paddings. That allowed Kelretu to input new custom meshes in their place, without creating entire esp file for them. But that have introduced additional problem - when a DLC/mod accesses those meshes it would get changed Kelretu's meshes. So when Elianora created armchairs for Myrwatch, she decided that they will use WinterholdThrone01 nif. Comfy armchair when used without ToS, but stone bad bois when ToS is installed. 

Solution: I copied all 5 thrones from base game and renamed them i.e. WinterholdThrone02.nif instead of 01. Then i created an ESPFE that changes furniture model in Myrwatch to use 02 version. Thus game will exist with new, Kelretu models (01s) and old vanilla armchairs (02s). I have needed only Winterhold mesh but did it for all 5 because why not. Maybe future CCs will have similar issue with some other armchairs becoming let's say spooky throne of Morthal. 

And here's the neat part. This mod doesn't even require Thrones of Skyrim installed. You have absolutely no reason to use this compatch without it, because your old 01.nif will still be a vanilla armchair and thus CC's armchairs will remain armchairs but i won't stop you. So what's neat about it? 

1. You see a mod that had armchair for some rich bloke to sit on but now it's a dope unique throne, because you use Thrones of Skyrim
2. You extract my BSA
3. You open that conflicting mod in xEdit
4. You change furniture using BlahBlahThrone01.nif into new furniture using BlahBlahThrone02.nif
5. Your throne becomes armchair again! Problem solved in less than 30 seconds provided you're an octopus with a good PC