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Minotaur follower for 4thUnknown's Minotaurs SE

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Turns the Minotaur Archer Hazra from 4thUnknown's excellent Minotaurs SE into a follower. He can be found as before at the Snow-covered Halt in the mountains South of Falkreath.

All credit of course goes to 4thUnknown for his amazing looking Minotaurs.

Added a alternative version edited by Tetrol88 (all credit for that to them!) which requires 4thUnknown's Creatures All-In-One Merged

- What it does.
Changes the default armour - presently a merge of 4 nifs - into 4 separate armour items - Cuirass, Head, Gauntlets and Boots. 
Removed the "Non-Playable" tag from them so they can be placed in the player's inventory 
This allows them to be enchanted, and tempered using the new recipes
Changed various stats on those items (weight, armour rating and they are not worth 3200 any more)
Made Tempering recipes for each of them, so they can be upgraded.
Made a tempering recipe for the Bow - Dragonslayer
Edited Hazra - I found he wasn't recovering from Bleedout - this can happen occasionally to any NPC, but the "remedy" for them is to use console and "disable" then "enable" the NPC, or "resurrect" them - it worked, but a) that removes all of their custom equipment, and b) it made him aggro to all of the guards etc - so no good. 
Instead, I added a flag to him to "Ignore Bleedout" - so now he never goes into bleedout state.