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A nonintrusive Class mod, that adds 47 (+10) classes without making any changes to existing skill trees and as such provides maximal compatibility.

Permissions and credits
Version 2.0 is not compatible with the older versions - don't update on an existing save!

This mod was heavily inspired by the Job/Class System of Final Fantasy Tactics (also known as the best Final Fantasy Game). Sadly simply using the same system in Skyrim would have led to a lot of problems, so I needed to make some changes.

What does the mod provide?
  • A Class System that is tied into the normal Player Level
  • 41+10 normal Classes you can freely choose from, all providing special bonuses to the player + 6 additional Prestige Classes
  • A Class mastering System, that lets you keep the bonuses of Classes which maximum Level you reached, even when equipping a different Class

From a Design Perspective, this mod is supposed to be played in combination with your favorite Perk and Combat Overhaul. It's not an Overhaul that changes around the game, but an addon that tries to seemingly integrate itself into the main game's mechanics.

Recommended Mods:
Scrambled Bugs - advised to activate the Apply Spell Perk Entry Points: Multiple Spells, without this some Skills, may not work correctly
Attack Speed Framework - or something with a similar feature.

How do Classes work
What do the Classes do?
A Class provides a bonus to exp gained to its related skills (e.g. Scout grants bonuses to Archery and Lightarmor and Mystic provides bonuses to Illusion and Alteration), it also grants a base Perk that gets stronger whenever the Class Levels up (e.g. Rogue: gain +2% Attack Speed per Class Level or Merchant: gain +2% better prices per Class Level) and afterward grants a new Perk for every five Class Level.

How do I equip a Class?
Equipping Classes happens in the MCM Menu. You are free to change your class at any given moment. But be warned, you will temporarily lose a Classes Skills if it's not mastered and you equip another Class. Alternatively, the mod also provides a lesser power that lets you choose your Class, to enable this, check the box under settings, this lesser power uses UIExtension, so you will not be able to use it without this.

How do I level up a Class?
By having it equipped when the player is gaining a Level Up. As such the mod is incompatible with any mods that remove the Level Up Menu (the one where you can pick between Health, Magicka, and Stamina)

What is "mastering" a Class?
Mastering a Class means that you are now free to unequip this Class, without losing its perks/skills.

How do I master a Class?
If you play on the normal mode: Once you gain the maximum level of a Class (either 5,10, or 15 depending on the Class), the Class is considered mastered. You can change your Class to something else, without losing the Skills it does provide you.

If you are using the hardcore mode instead, Classes will not be automatically mastered, if you want to master a Class you have to do this manually in the Overview Tab of the MCM. In this mode, you can only master a limited amount of classes and mastering can't be reversed, so make sure to only tick the box, if you are really sure you want to master this Class. (The number of Classes you can master can be set under settings, once Hardcore Mode is enabled)

How do I unlock new Classes?
Some classes have prerequisites you need to finish first before you can choose them e.g. you need to get the Mage Class to its maximum Level before you can choose Occultist, or you need to get both Thief and Mage to their maximum to unlock the Nightblade.

Classes Layout Overview

Classes come in different Tiers, a Tier 0 Class has 5 Levels, a Tier 1 Class has 10 Level and a Tier 2 Class has 15 Levels. For the details on the different Classes and their Perks please check out this Overview.

The Mager Tree
Tier 0: Mage
Tier 1: Battlemage, Mystic, Occultist
Tier 2: Elementalist, Healer, Illusionist, Mystic Bulwark, Daedra Caller, Necromancer

The Thief Tree
Tier 0: Thief
Tier 1: Agent, Bard, Scout
Tier 2: Assassin, Archer, Bounty Hunter

The Warrior Tree
Tier 0: Warrior
Tier 1: Barbarian, Duelist, Fighter, Knight
Tier 2: Axeman, Berserker, Blademaster, Mauler, Slayer, Swashbuckler

The Commoner Tree
Tier 0: Apprentice, Alchemist, Blacksmith, Commoner, Enchanter Hunter, Merchant,

Combi Classe
If you have reached the maximum level in two of the base Classes you will unlock a Tier 1 Combination Class those are:
Adventurer, Burglar, Nightblade, Spellblade, Rogue, and Wise

Prestige Classe
Prestige Classes aren't able to gain Levels or be mastered, all bonuses only apply while the Class is equipped

The Priest Tree (Community Pack 1)
Contains one Tier 0 and five Tier 1 Classes, adds the "priest" branch

Community Pack 2
Contains one Tier 1 and three Tier 2 Classes


Questions and Answers

Q: I installed the new update but no new Classes did show up
A: Please go into the MCM Menu and press the "update" button under settings.

Q: I want to unlock Class X can I do that via the console?
A:You can use:
setpqv R959Class*AddClassnameHere* possible true
setpqv R959Class*AddClassnameHere* locked false

I have a great idea or why don't you add feature X?
A: You can post finished ideas for classes in the Class request Forum, or if you a looking for input or want to discuss some feature maybe join the Discord.

Q: I have an idea for a new Class, can you please make it?
A: Post it in the Forum, under Class Request

Q: I don't like Class Y please change it
A: I like Class Y.

Q: Can you provide a patch for mod x?
A: You are free to make it yourself

Q: How does the damage bonuses Calculating work?
A: It's set to be multiplicative so +20% is dmg*(1.2), as such a +20% Damage and a +30% Damage Perk together will provide dmg*(1.2*1.3) = dmg*(1.56)

Q: What are Community Packs? And why can you hide them?
A: A Community Pack is an Addon Pack of Classes that have been created by me, but a lot of those Classes have come from the "Class Request" Forum. But
in Contrast to the other Classes, these ones haven't gone through a long balancing process, so they may be a bit unbalanced at times, so I include the option
to hide them.

For Mod Authors:
Feel Free to create any kind of content featuring this system, this includes, but is not limited to, creating patches, creating translations, creating bug fixes, overhauling the existing Classes, and/or creating your own Classes to integrate into the system. You don't need to send me a PM to ask for permission, but if you upload a mod that uses my mod and you send me a PM, I will probably feature a Link to your mod on here.

Special Thanks:
AiD72 - for helping me out and listening to all my ramblings and stuff. Thanks for being awesome.
EZ337 - not sure for what, but I think you helped me at some point or something.
Tatoes from the SMH Discord, for the awesome Header
Mihail - for the Scamp Model
The Community for coming up with new Class Ideas
Everyone who helped to test, and/or had to listen to my ramblings about this mod on Discord