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Adds a lore-friendly starter home for Dunmer living in Windhelm. Furnished and navmeshed with a rested bonus bed, an alchemy lab, decent storage, and filled with decoration.

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Balmarhin, meaning 'Wall', is the second "Affordable Housing" mod. A small studio home in the Grey Quarter of Windhelm, left behind by a Redoran exile who went missing before you arrived. The property is open to purchase for everyone; even Nords if you're comfortable living amongst the Dunmer in Stormcloak territory, as the responsibility of selling has been given to Revyn Sadri (Who depending on your speech may or may not be overcharging you).

This is not a very heroic home, and neither is it meant to be. After how much I enjoyed making my first house mod, I have decided to create starter homes for each of my new Skyrim playthroughs. Just as the first was, this is barebones but homely. This house is for the wizards too uneducated to join the College, too poor to afford libraries of spell tomes and enchanting tables, but gutsy and enthusiastic enough to want to fight for a better lot in life. 

There should be an advertisement for the home in Sadri's Used Wares, the New Gnisis Cornerclub, and Candlehearth Hall. You can buy the key from Sadri in the misc category. Thank you to Darkfox127 for the tutorial and script used to make him sell it.

Compatible with both JKs and Dawn of Skyrim, including the merge patch for both
Compatible with Capital Windhelm Expansion

This time I don't have a known issue I can't fix, so if you want to know anything or find any issues, feel free to comment!

Me, for making the house
Darkfox127 for his pm_script_buykey
ForgottenGlory and the Living Skyrim 3 team for making my recent Dunmer playthrough incredible. (LS3 was used in the screenshots)
You, for reading this!