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This is an addon for BOSSE mod, it allows custom animations for each body option.

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This addon uses Dynamic Animation Replacer system to add custom animations for each body option selected in BOSSE mod. I thought about uploading it as optional file in BOSSE page, but here I can give better instructions.
I take some time experimenting with Dynamic animations features, and I thought, why elder people walk and run as young ones? why strong warriors move like mages...? Maybe, different animations based on character body is a good idea...


This is an addon for BOSSE users, so you need BOSSE mod, and of course, Dynamic Animation Replacer. If you install it manually, symply extract and copy all to game directory, then, add desired animations to each folder (see bodies list). Note that you can add them to main folder or separated by gender using Male and Female folders

If you install using mod manager tool, probably Male and Female folder will be deleted because they are empty, you can add them manually later.

Each folder is named with a number indicating the priority, you must follow this bodies list:

1001 - Vanilla
1002 - Young
1003 - Mature
1004 - Elder body
1005 - Beasts alternative
1006 - Body01
1007 - Body01
1008 - Body03
1009 - Body04
1010 - Body05
1011 - Body06
1012 - Body07
1013 - Body08
1014 - Body09
1015 - Cyborg body
1016 - Unsupported 1
1017 - Unsupported 1 alt
1018 - Unsupported 2
1019 - Unsupported 2 alt
1020 - Custom 1A
1021 - Custom 1B
1022 - Custom 1C
1023 - Custom 1D
1024 - Custom 1E
1025 - Custom 1F
1026 - Custom 1G
1027 - Custom 1H
1028 - Custom 2A
1029 - Custom 2B
1030 - Custom 2C
1031 - Custom 2D
1032 - Custom 2E
1033 - Custom 2F
1034 - Custom 2G
1035 - Custom 2H

Note: custom bodies are exclusive for player character in BOSSE.

Added a new addon based on body type options, you can use it if you prefer custom animations by morphs presets instead of by body option, or you can mix both.

And the folder list is:
1101 - Custom 1
1102 - Custom 2
1103 - Custom 3

Probably, you don't need exclusive animations for all bodies (and possibly, there are not so many animations available), and seems that amount of animations is limited in this game, and too much animations can cause issues. So, you can remove unused slots, or if you want to share animations for 2 or more bodies, you can edit conditions files to group them.


You have added custom animations to folder 1002 (young body) and want to share animations with Body01 and Body02.

Open _conditions file located in folder 1002, then copy conditions from conditions files located on folders 1006 and 1007 linking them with OR:

IsFactionRankEqualTo(2, "BOSSE.esm" | 0x000BDD99) OR
IsFactionRankEqualTo(6, "BOSSE.esm" | 0x000BDD99) OR
IsFactionRankEqualTo(7, "BOSSE.esm" | 0x000BDD99)

Now you can remove folders 1006 and 1007 because you don't need them.

For more info about conditions files, go to Dynamic Animation Replacer description page.


Thanks to Felisky384 for creating Dynamic Animation Replacer.