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This mod is inspired on one of the most iconic characters of fantasy lore, The Death Dealer, by Frank Frazetta. Find the Death Dealer, learn of his story and stop Destruction before invading Tamriel once more! Converted and fixed to SE by Ypselonia

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Prisoner Of The Horned Helm SE

a Death Dealer story

by Painkiller_Rider & Miguelfromhell (Converted to SE by Ypselonia)

LE Version:


"In an age before the Dragons rose, an age rife with sorcery and violence, the earth trembled beneath the all conquering hooves of Death, and only one man, Gath of Baal, dared defy it, standing between the unstoppable power of Destruction and the wonders of Creation. To save the peaceful People of the Forest, Gath have diced with the gods, and the price he paid was to become death made flesh, the Prisoner of the Horned Helmet."
Find the Death Dealer, learn of his story and stop Destruction before invading Tamriel once more!


Brand new Items
New Meshes
HD Textures (2048p)
Unlimited coolness :D


This mod is inspired on one of the most iconic characters of fantasy lore, The Death Dealer, by Frank Frazetta.

The MOD itself is the product of merging the work of 2 people, Miguelfromhell and Painkiller_Rider; it draws origins from the older mods Art of War Museum (for Morrowind) and Beyond The Realms of Death (for Oblivion), the later serving as base for Miguel's recently retired Death Dealer mod (for Skyrim).

We have kept Miguel's original mod unaltered, for the sake of the people who enjoyed and respected his work, as well as adding now Painkiller's own version, closer to his original concepts (as detailed below):

Miguel's Version

In order to obtain the items, you´re gonna have to go and find the Death Dealer himself, defeat him, and loot his stuff from his corpse. These items are unique, so you can´t just go to a forge and make´em nor go to a merchant and buy´em.

The Death Dealer is extremely powerful, so if you want to take his gear from him you´d better think twice. If your character is less than Level 50, don´t even think about it. Go level up, get stronger, and then go challenge the Death Dealer - the equipment is balanced such way that for lower level characters will seem "uber", so obtaining it via console will break immersion.

There are 3 armors, SKULL PLATE it´s the heavy armor and it can only be obtained from the Death Dealer himself after you defeat him. The second armor is the CHAINMAIL, it´s a light armor inspired on the original Frank Frazetta´s paintings, its simple, minimalistic and practical. And the third armor is the GREATBELT, included because some times going bare-chest arround the land just like a true barbarian is the only way to go; also, the light armors can be found on the Alternate Location (checkout the "Location" section).

More items have been added. The COWL, AmethystDeceiver gave me permission to use the mesh of the cowl displayed on his beautiful MOD Black Tower and Black Sacrament Armor pack, just re-textured it and included it here; if you want some more cowls you should go download his mod, there are many variants you could combine with this mod - the Helmet is compatible with it.



Now only the Helmet is enchanted, and the war-axe and shield related to the quest are also enchanted. The rest of the items are un enchanted, some can be found following the quest, and the oters can be found on the alternate location. On the alternate location can be found also the un-enchanted versions of those enchanted items i mentioned. All items are upgradeable now.
The Wolf Pelt is intended to be equiped only when you go barechest, if you equio it with the full armors, it will clip.
And one more thing ... this mod is written for male characters. With a female character, some parts of the armour do not work properly (especially the eyes).


Where do I find the Death Dealer´s Gear?, You may ask, well . . .

I heard that a foreigner has been asking for the Dragonborn at the Wayward Pass lately, you may go there and find out what he wants . . .

Go to Mount Anthor, it ´s said that a group of necromancers placed an altar to worship the Death Dealer there. Checkout the image on the gallery section to see the precise location of this altar.


Use a Mod Manager, it will be only 1 ESP and 2 BSA.

Painkillers Version

NOTE: this version can work with or without Miguel's version; it adds a full set of armor (heavy/scaled), plus the 3 weapons, all using textures based on the Beyond the Realms of Death mod (as well as Painkiller's original meshes); last, but not least, includes a dark horse named Slayer, who can carry your burdens, can follow you and/or come running for your calling!

All the items in Painkiller's version also feature a different balancing system for armor/damage rating, as well as enchantments, tuned-in closer to Painkiller's original design.


Death Dealer Helmet - original texture (comes in 2 styles and 2 sizes, see Installation below)
Death Dealer Scaled Armor - original texture (Heavy Armor, comes in 2 styles, with cape attached and without cape)
Death Dealer Cowl - Retextured (comes in 2 sizes)
Death Dealer Cape
Death Dealer Braces - original texture
Death Dealer Boots - original texture
Death Dealer Battle-Axe (2H) - original texture
Death Dealer War-Axe (1H) - original texture
Death Dealer Scimitar (1H) - original texture
Death Dealer Shield - original texture


Very close to the spot where you fought the Death Dealer, you will find his horse, Slayer. Do not kill him, he's as upset on his master as he is on you, so he may actually help you in battle. Being a horse coming from another world, he is pretty much invulnerable to damage, can run almost forever and can be quite helful in a fight.


Moreover, if you SNEAK when close to (and facing) the horse, you will be able to access his inventory, where you will find the items listed just above + a book (called Slayer: Angel of Death) which will teach you the Power spell needed to Call Slayer: when you use it, Slayer will run to your side and continually follow you wherever you go. To have him wait just cast the spell again and he'll stay put until you call him back to your side. If he's really far away he'll be teleported closer to you (hopefully not close enough that you'll actually see it) and run the rest of the way. An easy way to know if Slayer is following you or not is to look at your magic menu under the "powers" tab. If Slayer is following you you'll see a spell called "Slayer is currently following".


Use a Mod Manager, it will be only 1 ESP and 2 BSA.


Battle Axe Mesh, Mesh-Porting, Ground Models, Textures, re-Textures, mesh adaptation and Edition, Quest, Quest Voices, MOD Development (for Miguel's version).

Helmet, scaled armor, scaled boots, bracers, battle-axe, war-axe, scimitar and shield - all meshes&textures; horse retexture (for Painkiller's version).

Cape model&texture from the MOD Berserk Black Swordsman Armor

Zenl for the COWL model from the MOD Black Tower and Black Sacrament Armor pack

Manilla Turtle/qlhaele
Horse scripts and humour from the MOD Wobums The Black Horse