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A complete Redux of my mod Ordii! Now included: better setup, ESL flagged, updated patches!

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My mod Ordii had quite a bit of success, at least to me, and I was very excited as it was my very first major mod. I've learned a LOT more about modding these past few months, so I decided to completely reform Ordii to make it less script heavy, added an ESL flag, and made a few more patches

Do you love Ordinator? Do you play with skill caps above 100? Do you LOVE Vokrii's skill scaling but want all of the fancy stuff that comes with Ordinator? If you answered YES to any of those questions, then I proudly present ORDII! All the Ordinator goodness, with the excellent scaling from the first levels of Vokrii. 

I made this mod primarily because I LOVE all the cool stuff you can do with Ordinator, but because I max my skill caps at 999, the scaling felt way off, so I always opted for Vokrii over Ordinator. This mod is a result of a total of 8 hours of hard work, learning how to change skills in xEdit and what not. Of course, all credit goes to Enai Siaion for actually creating the two wonderful perk overhauls to begin with, all I did was mash 'em together into a shape I liked.


Well, first off I didn't copy the entire Ordinator mod lmao, I now know I only needed to copy over the perks I changed. I edited a few of the scaling on the magic perks (images above). I made a very small edit to Smithing this time around too. I decided to leave it was in terms of having 2 ranks to the first perk. Rank 1 is exactly the same, but rank 2 changed the flat 10% increase to upgrading weapons and armor to a scaling 1% per level. I changed pickpocket from a 1% per level scale to a 2% per level, to allow for those who don't play with increased skill caps to have an easier time. I did NOT add the flat carry weight increase to pickpocket this time around, I find it stupid that a rank 1 perk you can take at level 1 would give you an extra 50 carry weight. Download a backpack mod like the rest of us if you want that extra carry weight. 

I also added a new patch! Scaling One-Handed Attack Speed for Ordinator is now patched; from my testing it works just fine, let me know if you find an issue. 

The patch to replace Locksplitter with Ocato's Preparation in the Alteration Tree is also available.