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Incremental Injuries is an SKSE plugin that adds a unique type of injury system to the game. Its not "injuries" in the traditional sense, like you might think of in Fallout. Instead, its concept is simple. As you take damage to your health, stamina, and magicka, you will slowly lose access to your total amount of these stats.

Permissions and credits

- Address Library
- (Not a hard requirement, but highly recommended) Survival Control Panel
This mod spoofs Survival Mode to utilize the UI bars, SCP allows you to turn on/off specific features that you do not want regarding the spoof. More details below

Source code for those interested.

- Tate Taylor

Incremental Injuries is an SKSE plugin that adds a unique spin on injuries to the game.

As you use or take damage to your health, stamina, and magicka, their total values will become damaged.

Therefore, a long day of dungeon delving and fighting might need to be followed up with some rest. Your damage is healed as you sleep, and the total stat damage will only go as low as the limit is set in the ini (50% by default).

As mentioned above, there is an ini included for customization of settings, as well as a simple esp that allows the mod to utilize the status bar UI added by Survival Mode.


There is an esp included in this mod which adds 3 globals and spoofs Survival Mode, so the plugin can make use of Survival Mode's UI bars.
This means that it enables sleep to level up and arrow weight by virtue.
If you do not want those extra features, but you want this plugin to use the Survival Mode UI stat bars, then the only alternative is to use Survival Control Panel (Survival Control Panel) to toggle off the features you do not want.

- Survival Mode - Since this mod utilizes the status bars that the CC Survival Mode usually would, it is incompatible unless you do not use the esp.

- SunHelm - SunHelm also spoofs survival mode. But they should work fine together if you load Incremental Injuries after SunHelm.

New Papyrus Functions

Alongside this damage system, Incremental Injuries implements a few new native Papyrus functions.
This allows mod authors may interact with this mod. Examples of its usage could be implementing new ways to restore AV damage, adding new ways to affect the damage mults, etc.

A papyrus script is included within the mod that allows you to utilize these functions.

The new functions are:

- ModActorValueMult
- RestoreActorValueDamage
- SetHealthMult
- SetMagickaMult

Huuuge shoutout to KernalsEgg for taking time out of their day to answer my many stupid questions :).
Ryan (Fudgyduff) for commonLib
meh321 for AddressLibrary
Catir for the logo
SimonMagus616 for the original concept, as well as testing and input.