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Adds powerful elemental visions as wearable accessory into Skyrim. Each element has unique enchantment effect. With optional level-list integration.

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So more Genshin projects are on the table. As such, I decided to create an asset pack that can be reused in my future project. This is a standalone elemental Vision, hand-painted at 2K. Designed to be interchangeable and adaptable to various projects.

Vision is a gift bestowed upon those who are recognized by the Gods. It is a magical foci that grants the user elemental abilities based on the element of their given Vision.
The Dragonborn and the people of Tamriel are blessed by the Divines to wield these powerful artifacts.

This mod features designs from 4 regions in Teyvat: Liyue, Inazuma, Snezhnaya (Fatui) and Mondstadt

Each of the 7 elements grants unique and powerful buff to the wielder

AmenoShout cooldown and movement speed
Cryo    Crit chance
Dendro      Memes
ElectroMelee Atk speed and magicka regen
Geo     Damage resistance and fortified blocking
Hydro  Healing effectiveness
Pyro    Atk damage

You can only equip one Vision at the time

They are basically powerful enchanted jewelries for now.
If you are an expert at custom magic modding and interested in a collaboration to bring full elemental gameplay to Skyrim, please let me know.

Optionally, there is a level-list integration.

This means that some time after level 15, there is a chance that you will encounter a powerful vision-wielding human enemy.
The Thalmor are all vision wielders
Some unique characters like Ulfric, the Ebony Warrior or the housecarls are also a vision wielder

Installation and Requirement

This mod is a standalone so it should be a plug-and-play, no extra requirement or bodyslide or anything

For non-level list option, use additem menu to get

There is no bodyslide so they may clip on some weird extreme female preset or on some bulky male armor. In the case where you would like to adjust, you will have to do it manually via Outfit Studio. Basic instruction will be in the Article tab.

miHoYo for this original concept making such a awesome game

 Saoirse (my art persona) for creating the asset
Porting and ESP works by Caenarvon

made on blender and substance painter

If you want to use these models in your own project, feels free to do so, provided that you credit the asset and not monetizing.

Follow me for the upcoming project at