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(WIP)This mod adds 8 dungeons and 11 exterior locations.(Ancient Falmer)

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This was my first mod ever,so if there are any problems let me know.

I wanted these landmarks to be hard
to find because the nords most likely destroyed major settlements.

This mod adds 8 dungeons and 11 exterior locations.

The dungeons are:

Gipindal-This dungeon is filled with spiders.
Cenglynn-This dungeon is overgrown and filled with spriggans.
Neycond-The dwemer built a connection to Neycond when the snow elfs needed help and safety from the nords.
North Keep-An old town that was captured and used by the nords,now bandits are in control.
Vrodavar-A secluded vampire lair that attracts treasure hunters to the great treasure within,but what they find is death.

Cleaned with SSEDIT

V 1.5 plans-Tweaks/Fixes.
                        More details on outside of dungeons.

                        3 more dungeons(Finish).
                                           Shrines will give boost based on name.
                                           Radiant Quest for dungeons.
                        More natural looking exterior ruins.

V 1.2-Some Tweaks and fixes.
                 Snow on objects and snow off of objects,depending on region.
                 2 more exterior locations.
          3 more dungeons(unfinished).

Skyrim Special Edition

I thought it was strange that Bethesda didn't add snow elf landmarks/dungeons to the base game,so I took it upon myself to do it.

Bethesda for Skyrim/Dawnguard/Dragonborn

Cad435 for the Snow Elfs Reborn resources.

If you see any bugs or things you want changed just let me know.

Do not upload to other sites,unless you give proper credits and you don't make money from other peoples work.This mod uses resources made by other creators not just me.Thank you.