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venjhammet - iSlim

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Misc patches for Hammet's Dungeons.
ToK compatibility with the addition of skies added to dungeons.

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This was made for the .esp version of the mod.

This is just a couple of patches made to be used with Hammet's Dungeons for SSE.

The first patch adds skies to dungeon interiors - no more trees in the void in parts of dungeons where you can see outside.
The second patch moves the entrance of Frostgrim Hollows to make it accessible when Tools of Kagrenac is present.

The first patch can be used standalone with the original mod, however the ToK patch was made with Majestic Mountains in mind. I may come back and release a version of this without this requirement, but it's not on my list of priorities as this started out as a personal patch of sorts.

Both patches are ESL flagged.

venjhammet - For their wonderful Hammet's Dungeons for SSE mod and giving permission to upload these patches.