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Moves 4 Stones of Barenziah into more convenient, but still lore-friendly locations. Removes the need to join the Dark Brotherhood and the College of Winterhold, purchase Proudspire Manor, or progress the main quest in order to collect the stones.

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Moves 4 Stones of Barenziah from troublesome locations into much more convenient locations that retains their original associations as much as possible.

  1. The stone in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary is now found in The Aretino House in Windhelm, ensuring that you don't have to join/kill the Brotherhood to obtain it.
  2. The stone from Proudspire Manor is now in Vittoria Vici's house. It never made sense that you had to save up 25,000 gold to purchase a house and complete this quest which is designed to help you earn the type of gold you'd need to purchase the house in the first place. Plus Vittoria Vici seems like exactly the type of person that would have one of these laying around for funsies.
  3. The stone in the Arch-Mage's Quarters in the College of Winterhold is now in the Winterhold Jarl's Longhouse so it can now be picked up without becoming a student of the college.
  4. The stone that resides in the Thalmor Embassy/Reeking Cave has been moved to Delphine's standard room (not the hidden one) in The Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. It still stays partly associated with the main quest this way, but it can be obtained much earlier (and will likely be the first stone most players grab).

I really like Prowler's Profit. It's a lot of fun lore-wise and I honestly don't mind collecting the Stones of Barenziah throughout a long playthrough but I hate that trying to do this quest can blow away any role-playing you might be doing. Maybe you don't want to become an assassin because you're still too busy being a thief? Maybe you aren't playing a mage and the college just isn't on your radar yet? There are a lot of reasons to want these stones moved to more convenient locations, and I felt like these 4 are the primary issues. The others are generally in locations with quests that you'll probably be on anyway, or locations that have other treasure to find, etc. These 4 are just locked behind progress walls and it can be frustrating on some playthroughs to jump through those hoops just to get a little farther on this quest.

Tested compatible with Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers, should also be compatible with Stones of Barenziah DROPPABLE plus Quest Markers.

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