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Name: Necromancer's Camp

Version: 3.1
Date: 2018-04-04
Category: Immersion
Requirements: Campfire - Complete Camping System
Author: Dracotorre





Adds necromancer-themed camp gear, weapons, and spells to _Skyrim Special Edition_ for use with Chesko's Campfire - Complete Camping System.



Extract to your game's Data folder. If upgrading then remove old files first. Do not remove mid-game.

Known Issues


* Blue placement indicator for large canvas tent (Necromancer's Tent) is high, but tent lands on ground.
* Conjured shelters may fail to automatically dispel upon new conjuration. Use dispel on bed, or wait 24 hours.
* Bedrolls may appear to float due to compensating high on rough terrain.
* when sit/lie in tent the Necromancer Walking stick may display in odd position. Campfire only looks for its walking stick.

Changes 3.1:
* spelling
* updated Necromancer Walking Stick vendor type

Changes 3.0:
* Added Campfire perk skills - Summoner, Trail, Endure
* Summoner perk: reduces cost through Study Book blessing
* Trail perk: Necromancer's Walking Stick absorbs more magicka per rank
* Endure: increases duration of summoned minions using Study Book blessing
* added twin bed-roll study table
* Updated with compatibility for "Eremite Camping"
* Changed inventory view of bedrolls
* edited skull texture of walking stick
* bed-rolls (no shelter) - fixed gear display layout and added pet markers

Changes 2.1:
* Alchemy Sets inventory model: covered invisible bottom
* Added Necromancer Walking Stick by request

Changes 2.0:
* Fixed character floating when placing Necromancer's Chair
* Reduced casting cost of Skeleton Guards by about 1/4
* Added snow and ash shaders to huts and tents for when snowing or ash blowing
* Added alchemy workbench to both conjured abodes
* Added pet marker to conjured shelters
* Added craft portable Alchemy Set with purchasable glassware - upgrade to include Study Book
* Added new spell: Conjure Alchemist Camp - no shelter
* Added new spell: Dark Familiar and its spellbook - bonus from campfire inspired
* Added new spell: Dark Familiar Guard and its spellbook
* Added staff enchantment for Dark Familiar
* Moved staff forging/enchanting to Wood category
* meshes optimized for SE.

Changes 1.34:
* Removed dome around tents only visible on Xbox

Changes 1.3:
* Added Necromancer's Twin Bedrolls (no tent) for use with follower
* Added Necromancer's Skull Bedroll and Twin
* New combinations upgrade from regular Necromancer's Bedroll



* Chesko for Campfire and Campfire Dev Kit.
* LOLICEPT (lolikyonyu) for the bone basket and decorative stone circle floor from Lolicept Resources.
* gutmaw for the red bed from Snazzy HD Noble Beds.
* Jokerine for open book with loose page from Jokerine's Misc Resources.

Walking stick with skull requested by Drlove666 (

Tools Used

* [Campfire Dev Kit and Tutorials by Chesko](

* [Nifscope - Niftools]( by corwin et al.

* [xEdit]( by ElminsterAU and SSEEdit team

* Creation Kit, Creation Kit 64-bit from Bethesda Softworks

* Adobe Photoshop
* [Gimp](

* [Notepadd++](



Please do not upload, distribute, or repost mod to a site.

My assets are free to use with credit.