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Necromancer-themed camp gear, weapons, and spells

32-bit mages, see Necromancer's Camp for original Skyrim

New to Campfire?

In a nutshell, craft tents, bedrolls, and other gear at tanning rack or using Campfire's Resourcefulness - Craft Item, and go camping! Pitch a tent by selecting it from your Misc inventory and position using colored reference marker. See Campfire - Complete Camping System for details.

Tip: Drop multiple tents and followers use whichever tent has an open spare bed roll.



  • Necromancer's Bedroll (and twin for follower) to camp under stars or in a cave
  • Frostfall compatible
  • Necromancer's Tent: large canvas tent provides rain protection
  • Necromancer's Hut: (Forsworn/Witch style) reinforced to protect from cold and rain 
  • Upgrade tents and huts to include Study Books granting extra powers
  • New summoned minions gain bonus from Campfire's Uplifted or Inspired bonus
  • Un-enchanted Necromancer's Staff to enchant at Neloth's place
  • 2 conjured shelters plus 3 conjured no-shelter camps with shared safe-storage chests
  • Portable Alchemy Set (v2)

Review the webpage,, for more details.


Installation Notes

Back up your save(s) in case you change your mind and wish to remove plugin. Simply unpack into your data folder, DTNecromancerCamp.esp and DTNecromancerCamp.bsa files.

No game edits; all new items crafted or purchased. A small script populates vendor items.

Known Issues

  • The blue placement indicator for the large canvas tent is a little high, but the tent lands on the ground.
  • Previous conjured shelters fail to automatically dispel when casting another shelter. Use dispel on bed, or wait 24 hours.
  • When pitching a tent in a cave, Campfire automatically hides the tent making the lantern appear to float in air. Set Necromancer's Bedroll inside a cave instead.
  • Bed rolls may sometimes appear to float a bit to compensate for rough terrain clipping bed.


Complimentary mods

Entires marked by an asterisk link to mods for original Skryim (32-bit) on Nexus. These pure texture-replacer's work in Special Edition.

Credits and Tools

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