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This mod adds five standalone Dragon armors. 2 weapons, boss fights & a new spell to Skyrim. All 4K Textures. ESL version Included. Vanilla Weight Slider supported.

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V1.3 Added 1K Version

This mod adds five standalone heavy armors, 2 weapons, boss fights & a new spell to Skyrim, worthy of many builds. ESL version Included. All textures are 4K.

There is a LOT to grab in this mod which will be listed at the bottom alongside some questions and answers.



The battles will be hard fought, bring potions, poisons, arrows, atronachs and be sure to fully take advantage of your Shouts! 

Alternatively you can use Additem Menu/Console Commands to obtain the gear. (I suggest this method if you do not want to risk ruining your save if you haven't done the main story)

Vanilla weight slider is supported. Armor works on females but uses the same meshes.

What can you get in this mod?

  • Armor of Devotee Azreal (Light)
  • Armor of Devotee Cleyin (Light)
  • Armor of Devotee Virgil (Light)
  • Armor of Devotee Lakira (Light)
  • Armor of Alduin's Devoted (Heavy)
  • Akatosh Devotee's Sword (One Handed)
  • Alduin's Devoted Sword (One Handed)
  • World Eater's Hunger (Power Ability)

Questions and Answers

Q: Can I request an armor pack?
A: Yes you can! There are not guarantees I can do it though as I am busy a lot of the time.

Q: What if you don't want to do my request?
A: There's a chance that if I don't want to do it, it's because the model either is behind a paywall, or it uses a file format I cannot open.

Q: How powerful is the gear?
A: The light armor is all equal to Dragonscale, the heavy armor is higher than Dragonscale, the Akatosh Sword is equal to Dragonbone and the Alduin Sword is higher than Dragonbone. The spell has infinite uses.

Q: Can I get beast support?
A: There already is ;)

Q: Can you make the armors replace *insert armor*?
A: No.

Q: Hey, the armor kinda looks like Emperor Zurg! Don't you thi-
A: No.


Model was obtained here by Lokvir of Skyrim.

GLAssassin took the screenshots.

Special thanks to
FunkyGandalfCat for his help with creating the script for the spell.