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A collection of adjustments to animal and creature loot intended to increase realism and rewards for the player.

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I always found myself getting irritated with the lack of reward from general hunting in Skyrim. Killing a handful of deer and elk for their pelts and venison was decent, but getting unlucky on their antlers, especially when you can clearly see them on their corpse, just felt really bad. Sabre cats only dropping either an eye or a tooth when you can look at their corpse and clearly see that they have more to give just irked me. So, I wanted to change the loot for enemies I felt were either unrewarding or lacked realistic items. 

  • Animals no longer have a chance to drop gems or small jewelry. While I could somewhat understand the justification for predators, I wanted the player to hunt animals for their specific animal parts, rather than hope for something shiny.
  • Bears drop two Bear Claws.
  • Chaurus have a 50% chance to drop eggs rather than a 25% chance.
  • Chaurus Hunters drop two Chaurus Hunter Antennae.
  • Deer and Elk always drop their associated antlers.
  • Giants drop two Giant's Toes, and an alternate version of the mod adds the chance for them to also carry bottles of Sleeping Tree Sap.
  • Hagravens drop two Hagraven Feathers and two Hagraven Claws.
  • Horkers drop three tusks.
  • Mammoths drop four tusks.
  • Sabre cats always drop one Sabre Cat Eye and one Sabre Cat Tooth, with a 50% chance to drop another of each.
  • Slaughterfish drop two Slaughterfish Scales.
  • Trolls drop two pieces of Troll Fat.
  • Vale Deer now drop Small Antlers.

There are no requirements for this mod outside of Skyrim and the DLC.

Download and install through your preferred mod manager. This mod should be safe to install at any point. While I do not foresee any issues should you decide to uninstall it during a playthrough, I do not recommend doing so, simply as a general rule. I will be unable to provide any troubleshooting assistance if you decide to do so.

This mod only touches the Death Item records for animals and creatures. As long as another mod does not alter these specific records, it is fully compatible. If another mod does alter these records, you will need to merge the changes together or simply decide which you want to take priority.

All versions of this mod are ESL-flagged, and will not take a slot from your 255 plugin limit.