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This mod add new weapons (Silver Bowblade).
Normally, it will be in bow mode.
With a bash attack, it transforms alternately into bow mode and sword mode.

Permissions and credits
This mod add new weapons (Silver Bowblade).
Silver Bowblade is based on the idea of "Simon's Bowblade" from "Bloodborne DLC".
Normally, it will be in bow mode.
With a bash attack, it transforms alternately into bow mode and sword mode.

If you are using the "Bow Charge Plus", please use the "Silver BowBlade(Bow Charge Plus)".

If you install the new version with the weapon of this mod equipped, please remove the weapon and re-equip it.
If you do not do this, the update will not take effect.

[Required mod]
Dynamic Animation Replacer

Changed to keep sword mode.
Requires skse64.
The state changes as follows.
Bow mode -> bash -> sword mode -> bash -> bow mode -> ....
Sword mode:" Right attack" will do left attack, "Left attack" will do bash attack (transform).

Note 1:
The sword mode uses a script to force the bow's "bowdraw" to turn into sword attacks. Since it is only a bow attack, it will improve your bow skills.

Note 2:
If you use a combat mod with "360°" movement (such as TDM) in sword mode, you will momentarily face forward when attacking.
This is because the "bowdraw" is detected at the start of the attack.

・ About movement motion in sword mode
Sword mode uses vanilla one-handed sword movement motion.
If you want to change the movement motion to your liking, rename it to the following file and Overwrite it.


bow_idleheld.hkx      ←1hm_idle.hkx
bow_runbackward.hkx    ←1hm_runbackward.hkx
bow_runbackwardleft.hkx  ←1hm_runbackwardleft.hkx
bow_runbackwardright.hkx  ←1hm_runbackwardright.hkx
bow_runforward.hkx         ←1hm_runforward.hkx
bow_runforwardleft.hkx     ←1hm_runforwardleft.hkx
bow_runforwardright.hkx    ←1hm_runforwardright.hkx
bow_runleft.hkx            ←1hm_runleft.hkx
bow_runright.hkx           ←1hm_runright.hkx
bow_walkbackward.hkx       ←1hm_walkbackward.hkx
bow_walkbackwardleft.hkx   ←1hm_walkbackwardleft.hkx
bow_walkbackwardright.hkx  ←1hm_walkbackwardright.hkx
bow_walkforward.hkx        ←1hm_walkforward.hkx
bow_walkforwardleft.hkx    ←1hm_walkforwardleft.hkx
bow_walkforwardright.hkx   ←1hm_walkforwardright.hkx
bow_walkleft.hkx           ←1hm_walkleft.hkx
bow_walkright.hkx          ←1hm_walkright.hkx

Add visual effects.
・ Add sparks when transforming.
・ Addition of visual effect to inform a full bow draw (BowDrawn).
・ Addition of visual effect to attack of full bow draw.

This mod change the bow bash attack animation (Only when equipped with Silver Bowblade. ) by Dynamic Animation Replacer

This mod uses a Silver Sword mesh.
Therefore,  Re-Texture mod of Silver Sword mod can be used.
(recommend "Frankly HD Silver Sword" etc. )

[Transform animation ]

Especially effective against undead.(Same as Silver Sword )
When bashing, does 3 points of bleeding damage for 5 seconds.

[Base Damage]

18 (Ebony Bow +1 Basedamage)


Crafting the Silver Bowblade requires the Steel Smithing perk. It can be forged
at a blacksmith's forge with the following components:

    1x Silver Sword
    1x Ebony Bow
    4x Silver Ingot

It can be upgraded with a Silver Ingot at a grindstone and also benefits
from the Steel Smithing perk, which doubles the improvement.

[Using mod]

ENB:Rudy ENB SE for CoT - NAT - Aequinoctium - Vivid - Rustic - Obsidian - Dolomite Weathers - ELE - ELFX - RLO by rudy102
Armour :BDO Valoren
hair:Yundao Hair with physics SSE

Re-Texture mod:Frankly HD Silver Sword