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Tightly fitted steel, hide, imperial and glass helmets to fix the floating issue and bighead effect: Better fitting helms v03 + Better Fitting Steel Helms ported to SE.

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This ia a SE port of Better fitting helms v03 by lycante and Better Fitting Steel Helms by Kraeten.

Tightly fitted steel (both hornless and horned), hide, imperial (light, heavy and officer's) and glass helmets to fix the floating issue and bighead effect and just make these helmets suck less. Doesn't affect beast races.

Comes with a FOMOD-installer, where you can pick the helmets you want. Steel helmets come with a plugin to hide vanilla long hair that clips otherwise and make orcs use copies of vanilla meshes.

Notes about my port/changes:
Both mods cover steel helmets but by some reason i don't see any noticeable difference between vanilla and Better fitting helms versions of male steel helmets, so i just overwrote it with Better Fitting Steel Helms. I also removed Armor records from BetterFittingSteelHelms.esp (Armor Addon edits are enough to hide vanilla hair, and ears aren't hidden either way).

There may be some clipping issues with elven races: i noticed clipping male elven noses with steel helmets and slightly clipping female elven ears with steel and glass helmets. Beast races are untouched by this mod.


  • Compatible with any textures that are compatible with vanilla meshes.
  • Conflicts with other remeshes of the same helmets, so for each helmet you have to pick what you like more.
  • Compatible with USSEP and WACCF.
  • Let Frankly HD Imperial Armor and Weapons overwrite this mod or don't check heavy and officer's imperial helmets in the installer - Frankly's seem to already be better fitting.
  • Let this mod overwrite BD Armor Replacer, glass helmet is on your prefernce.
  • Let this mod overwrite Armor Mesh Fixes.