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Ouch my ears are tingling XD . Someone who request this voices absolutely Genius !!
Just try it mastahh ~ and make sure dont forget to use earphone ~

Permissions and credits
Advanced Player Voices SSE (Japan Voiced ) Astolfo Voice

What this mod do?

adds astolfo voices into your cute dovahkinn - Thats the big point

[ Attention ] 

You need ADDITIONAL PLAYER VOICES SE 3.0 by nanahane to use this module , 
you can get it on his site ->

!! This mods only works with Additional Player Voices SE 3.0 not support 4.0  

Sample Voice :

Features : 

1. Added Jpn Cute Voice based on Astolfo from Fate Extella & GO

2. Added more voice events

- Shooting( with Bow & Bolts )
- Weapon
- Discover new place
- Enter the dungeon,
- Kill enemy
- Casting Spell
- Dragonsoul capture
- In combat
- Sneaking
- Increase level
- Mount

3. lightweight no CTD causes

New Installation
this module doesn't work for APV 4.0 so you must Install APV 3.0 ,  here 
You can use MO2 / NMM / Vortex  / 

1. Extract the archive.
2. Copy the data folder to your Skyrim Data folder.
3. Enable the mods by Skyrim launcher or your another tools.

If you use another version of my mods you must uninstall it first

How to use it :

Check on Your Spell and choose Additional Player Voices next use shout > enable & you must choose STAGE 1 / 2 for Astolfo Voice   thats it . Enjoy  

1. Just Disable the mod by casting Spell ( Use shout ) , and Save.
2. Delete the files about this mod in Skyrim Data folder Or Uninstall on your Mod manager 

Issues : 

Some scripts are conflict with PC head tracking & Voice type
im still try to make the fixes for this (In Progress)


 my previous release  :  

My collection

Advanced Player Voices (English Voices) Cloud Strife = Male Voiced

-  Advanced Player Voices SSE ( Noctis FFXV Voiced ) = Male Voiced

-  Player Voices for SSE (Japan Voiced ) Yuna FFNT V1.0 = Female Voiced 

-  Advanced Player Voices SSE ( Lightning Farron ) = Female Voiced

Incompatible with LE edition but you can use my sound file .wav with Additional Player Voices LE by nanahane
sound location is my archive > data > sound > fx > nhva > set 3

Changelog :

- audio fixed 


Credits & Special Thanks to :