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Carrying heavy stuff is not good for your back, right?

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  • German
Weightless Overhaul

Change weight of Book, Ingestible, Ingredient, Misc and Scroll items to 0 (Zero). 
You can choose to install everything or pick the only category you want with an installer.
Compatible with USSEP

6 Category

1). Book
Skill Books, Spell Tomes, Quest Books, Journals, Letters, Recipes, Black, Books, Lore Books.

2). Ingestible
Potions, Poisons, Fruits, Raw food, Wine, Ale, etc.

3). Ingredient
Anything that uses with Alchemy Lab. or check this link

4). Misc. Item
Ingot, Pelt, Jewelry, Basket, Dwemer Plate, etc.

5). Scroll 
Scroll.. or check this link.

6). Soul gem

Why this mod

  • Most weightless mods use records from Vanilla Skyrim(Skyrim.esm and DLC). It will revert all fix from USSEP
  • You can choose what you want with an installer instead of making all items weightless. 


Simply Install with your favorite mod manager.
For custom option, It's safe to merge plugin together if you want to decrease an amount of ESP file in Load Order.



The main file provided options for Book Covers Skyrim and XxAwesome_PotionsxX SSE.
If you are using Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library then installs the optional file.(WeightlessOV - LostLibrary)


Thank you

SSEEdit by ElminsterAU and SSEEdit team 
TES5EditScripts by Mator

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