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The Nexus page for Slidikins' Strenuous Skyrim -- with all necessary files.

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This is an Addon for The Phoenix Flavour (TPF), a modding guide for Skyrim SE.

Incorporates Survival Mode from the Creation Club.
Limits player strength with a level cap of 50 (with 55 total perk points).
Reduces most HUD elements outside of the player's own Health, Magicka, and Stamina bars.


Slidikins' Strenuous Skyrim is simply how I prefer to play the game. It's a harsher but not unforgiving environment that rewards players for being prepared. Make the most out of your perk choices. Put your excess currency to use by buying better equipment, enchantments, and training. Utilize alchemy to give yourself an extra boost for tough fights.

Like TPF, this addon was made to improve on the core game without introducing new, confusing mechanics. I strive to create a balanced, consistent game that does not favor one type of build over another, while continuing to ensure compatibility and stability. The provided load order has been checked for conflicts and errors.

If you run into any issues, please report them to the #sss-support channel on the TPF Discord server.

>> Wabbajack Installation <<


(Mostly copied from TPF)

o WEATHER & ENB Cathedral Weathers and Seasons + Serio's ENB.
o LIGHTING COMBO Luminosity Lighting Overhaul + Relighting Skyrim.
o FLORA & LANDSCAPE Folkvangr + Veydosebrom + Enhanced Vanilla Trees.
o DISTANT TERRAIN DynDOLOD + 3D Tree LOD (see TPF for instructions for performance-friendly options).
o GAMEPLAY SimonMagus' lightweight suite of mods: Adamant for perks, Mysticism for magic, Blade & Blunt for combat.
o LOOT DISTRIBUTION Open World Loot + Honed Metal for commissioning.

Currently supported version of Skyrim SE/AE: 1.6.640
Currently supported version of SKSE64: 2.2.3