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A makeover of (in)famous Blade member - Delphine. Compatible with any body and textures mod. A little based on Ves from The Witcher games.

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I'm just an innkeeper ~ Blades member

Today I wanted to share my vision of Delphine - (in)famous Blades member (secret everyone knows).
I tried to base her look on Ves from The Witcher game series.

Also it changes Delphine to use female animations, but only if you have not already met her.

The face preset is included for anyone with RaceMenu.

Feel free to upload your own screenshots as long as they are SFW :D.

  • As of 1.1 ESP is flagged as ESL, so it shouldn't be much of a trouble in your load order.
  • The 2.0 update is a makeover once again. It's probably not finished as I would like to mature her a bit more, but the 1.1 version is still available under optional files!.
  • With update 2.1 I've tweaked Delphine look, especially around her eyes and brows. Also I've included tweaked Ves hair mesh, you should replace the one from Lovely Hairstyles. Now it's better centered and fitted to character (female) head.

The mod should be compatible with any body and texture mod you can find.
It requires full version of Lovely Hairstyles SE, but only meshes and textures, so you don't actually need to active esp. Don't use Lite Version as it's broken, at least for me.

If you see a neck seem / hole than it means other mod altered Delphine weight. To fix this open console, click Delphine, write "Setnpcweight 50" and approve. Her face probably will change to some ugly mess, save the game, exit the game to desktop, reload, save. Everything should be ok now.

zn00p for Lovely Hairstyles SE
Expired for RaceMenu
Bethesda for the game