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SKSE plugin that fixed a game engine bug: static object's loop animation not re-activated after loaded saved.

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source code is here:

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Issue Description:

The vanilla game engine has a bug that will cause some movable static objects stopped playing their gamebryo animations after load saved game. As the description in this site: Water Mill Stopped Rotating Animation

Therefore you may meet issues likes: static objects likes waterwheel suddenly stopped rotating, banners stopped swing, Blackfall mushroom stopped moving... all those happened right after you reload the saved.

This issue is due to the game engine forget to save the animation states of these animated static objects into the game saved, so the game will forget to reactivate their loop animation, which caused they stop moving.

This SKSE Plugin fixed the bug by re-saving the animation states of those static objects that with activing loop animations into the saved. Now moveable static objects will reactivate their animation normally after reload a save.

More Comparing Gifs:
Water Wheel Before Fixed:

Water Wheel After Fixed:

Banner Before Fixed:

Banner After Fixed:

Mushroom Before Fixed:

Mushroom After Fixed:

How to reproduce the bug in game:

  • Standing before the water wheel of riverwood, save the game and quit to the desktop.
  • Re-entry the game and loaded the previous saved game file. After loaded into the game you will see the water wheel is still rotating at that moment.
  • Reload the same save file one more time, and you should find out that the water wheel is stop rotating for now.


  • The fix of this skse plugin won't work immediately if you load into a saved that already has movable static loaded in current sence. You have to move to a new scene to make it works.
  • The fix also working for the animation reload of animated static objects added by mods, as long as the form type is set as "movable static" in Creation kit.


  • Ershin for help me find out the offset of TesObjectRefr Virtual Table.
  • powerofthree for his Papyrus Extender's source codes that help me understand how gamebryo animation works.
  • Fudgyduff for his commonLibSSE.
  • kkflving for help me editing the gif showcase photos.