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Fixes bug in Obscure's College of Winterhold where NPCs get stuck in the staircase between The Hall of Elements and The Arch-mage's Quarters

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  • German

  • Obscure's College of Winterhold changes College of Winterhold's loading doors from into fake auto load doors for the player, but preserves the original doors to be used by NPCs
  • However, it changes the NPC door that leads from The Hall of Elements to Arch-mage's Quarters from a key-locked door to a barred door with an inaccessible door bar.
  • Barred doors can't be used by anyone, but NPCs do not avoid it, and actively tries to use it as the shortest path from The Hall of Elements to Arch-mage's Quarters.
  • This causes them to get stuck behind the barred door forever when they try to go to the Arch-mage's quarters.
  • You can reproduce this bug with non-teleporting followers: If you use the staircase that goes from The Hall of Elements to the Arch-mage's Quarters, they are unable to follow.

The Fix

  • Replace the barred door that connects The Hall of Elements with an unbarred door.
  • A replacement door is needed because the original barred door is a persistent reference, which means I cannot simply make it unbarred in an existing saved game.
  • Navmeshes in The Hall of Elements and Arch-mage's Quarters are edited to refer to this new door while leaving other references still pointing to the old door.
  • NPCs will now use the new door when trying to reach Arch-mage's Quarters, becoming unstuck.
  • ESL-flagged

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