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Adds a new Dunmer style light armor set with the ability to mix and match alternate colors.

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This mod adds a new Dunmer style light "armor" set for female characters called the "Ash Pilgrim's Garments." The models and textures were made entirely by me using Blender and Substance Painter, with the exception of the Daedric font found on UESP.

I have also included 10 alternate colors for the headscarf, torso, and waist (examples in the images above). The torso and pants models are separate armor pieces, allowing you to mix and match these different colors.
4K and 2K textures are available.

How to Obtain:
Craftable at the smithing forge with the Elven Smithing perk or cheated in through AddItemMenu. ain't nobody got time for crafting

The alternate colors are also obtainable through the smithing forge and only require the armor piece you wish to recolor. If you change your mind, you can revert each piece back to its original color to change again.
I've done my best to get rid of clipping, but there may still be some minor parts that clip depending on the animations or poses you use. Also, the torso and pants aren't intended to be worn by themselves, so it can be a bit immersion-breaking if you wear the torso without the pants (invisible body). However, the pants can be worn without the torso if you really want, since they don't take up the body slot.

The armor can also be upgraded, but be warned that changing the color of the armor after you've upgraded it will revert it back to its original stats (I'm not sure how to fix this, since changing the colors is basically creating new armor with the original armor as the required material).

Install like you would any other mod.

CBBE/UNP etc.:
I will not be including any CBBE, UNP, etc. Bodyslide files for this mod.

However, if anyone is interested in making conversions for those, send me a message and I'll most likely say yes. I personally use the vanilla CBBE proportions, but I know other body types are popular.
(Permission for a BHUNP conversion and an Xbox port have already been granted)

Thank you to everyone here on Nexus or Instagram who supports my mods and screenshots through endorsements, likes, comments, general feedback, and encouragement! And thank you to those who helped me with all the troubles I ran into while making this mod O_O

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