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Adds an arcane enchanter to Ysolda's house, with a small note from Farengar to go along with it.

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Also available for consoles.


Gives Ysolda an arcane enchanter. Also adds a note from Farengar recommending that she visits the College, or buys books from the caravans.

In vanilla, if you marry her or get her a tusk, it's no longer trespassing to go in the house when locked. Sooo, now that she's got an enchanter too, you won't have to go all the way up to Dragonsreach so much. I've replaced her old table with one big enough to accommodate a table-top enchanter, and shifted around some of the decorations slightly. I also tweaked the navmesh to work around her new larger table. Additionally, I've added a letter on Ysolda's nightstand. It's from the court wizard, denying her an apprenticeship, but suggesting she either go to Winterhold or to go ask the local caravan to be on the look out for books that teach enchanting. This helps to tie it into the game.

This is one of my first few "big" experiences with extensive use of the render window in a long time, and the very first with somewhat-extensive navmeshing. I learned as I went, and surprisingly, did not break anything. I was sure to clean it of ITMs, and I was very careful to not delete or break any navmeshes, despite it being my only "real" navmesh work as of typing. I hope you enjoy.

Install & Uninstall

Install the plugin in your mod manager, or drop it in your data folder.
Uninstall by deactivating and deleting the mod in your mod manager, or deleting the plugin from your data folder.

Should be safe to add/remove anytime, so long as you didn't save inside her house. 


Incompatible with other mods that alter her house's interior without a patch.
[b][color=#93c47d]Compatible with USSEP but doesn't require it.
Compatible with Window Shadows, through sheer luck, but doesn't require it.
Compatible with anything that edits Ysolda herself. I only touched her house.
Compatible with anything that edits the outside of her house (i.e. weather or city mods).

Compatible with anything not mentioned.