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Adds various missing normal maps used by trees from Modders Resources. TexGen throws errors for models using a normal map, which it can not find. This adds those missing normals to let DynDOLOD do its magic.

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When models like trees have wrongly assigned/missing normals, DynDOLOD throws an error on in TexGen, when trying to generate textures for these files. That not only means a missing normal for the DynDOLOD creation but overall worse visuals for the model in question, as light can not properly be rendered on these models. To fix that I created normal maps for these models using the diffuse texture. I might take it further in the future and create new normal maps from scratch for even better visuals. Also, some texture naming was streamlined and some models were fixed from using no textures at all for certain parts (see images).

As of yet this mod only covers a few models I had errors myself when generating textures for DynDOLOD. As I find more of these errors the mod will get expanded. If you want to help send me your TexGen log files when they contain a line like this:

<Error: Can not find file textures\landscape\trees\ used by Meshes\landscape\trees\beachpalm6.nif Gray Fox Flora Overhaul.esp GKBT_beachpalm6 [TREE:4A00265A]>

I plan on manually checking different modders resources for more of such errors but for now, my time is limited so any reports on such issues would help immensely.

Install with Mod Manager or manually. Overwrite when asked.

Compatible with any mod, since it just overwrites some meshes and adds new textures. This fix will work for any mod using the specific models I fixed. As of yet, these mods are:

Dark Forest of Skyrim SE - Beyond Reach (uses assets from More Colorful Trees)
Gray Cowl of Nocturnal Alikr Flora Overhaul SE (uses assets from GKB Green Trees)
Immersive College of Winterhold (uses assets from Hoddminir Plants and Trees)

It will work for more mods as long as they use the models fixed here. However, these are the mods I tested and know are fixed with this.