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Tweaks True HUD's boss bar feature to be much stricter in its selection, reserving boss bars for bosses that are important to the story or have unique mechanics. Includes full Creation Club support and support for several quest mods.

Permissions and credits
True HUD

Ershin's True HUD is an incredible mod (go download it) that has a plethora of cool features. One such feature is a function that adds unique "bossbars" to enemies that the mod considers to qualify as bosses. I really like this feature, but I have a more conservative interpretation of who should be given one of these bossbars than Ershin does. Thankfully, Ershin is awesome and has open permissions that enable me to provide this tweaked version of the core bossbar sorting file that adjusts the filter according to my preferences.

In base True HUD, the bossbar feature will mark any NPC that is flagged as a "boss" in their location reference type data as a boss. While this is a clever use of the radiant flags, it can create weird situations, like shopkeepers qualifying as bosses or one out of a pair of two identical mudcrabs qualifying as a boss. Curated Bosses removes this check and specifically outlines NPCs and races to act as bosses rather than using a location ref type check. Beyond this, I have vastly narrowed down the list of who actually gets a bossbar. Using Curated Bosses only rarely will you see a bossbar pop up, and when you do, you'll know you're in for a challenge. Curated Bosses assigns bars as follows:

  • All dragons automatically get bossbars. Most bossbars you see will be on dragons.
  • Named Dragon Priests (including those from mods) get bossbars. Generic Dragon Priests will not.
  • Questline bosses are included: Miraak, Harkon, Ancano, the Wolf SpiritsMercer Frey, and the Emperor.
  • Bosses that have unique mechanics are included: The Gauldurson Brothers, Halldir, the Caller, Orchendor, Malkoran's ShadeArch-Curate Vyrthur, the Reaperthe Forgemaster, and Haknir Death-Brand.
  • Certain bosses from the Dragonborn DLC are included: Karstaag, the Ebony Warrior, General Carius, and Ildari Sarothril.
  • A small number of bosses that were given significant narrative weight are included: Potema, Red EagleMovarth, and the Pale Lady.
  • Additional fixes have been made to Alduin, Miraak and a few other NPCs to prevent bossbars showing when they shouldn't be.

Minor bosses that are not covered in Curated Bosses will simply have a normal enemy healthbar with their name, assuming you have enemy healthbars turned on in TrueHUD's MCM. Curated Bosses obeys whatever bossbar settings you've set in TrueHUD's MCM.

Creation Club Support
Curated Bosses automatically includes support for certain bosses from the Creation Club:

  • Saints and Seducers (including Extended Cut: Saints and Seducers): Thoron
  • Tools of Kagrenac: The Messenger
  • Shadowrend: Player's Shadow
  • Umbra: Umbra
  • Alternate Armors: Tyra Blood-Fire
  • The Cause: Norion the Undying, Valkyn Gatanas, Valkyn Methats, Vonos
  • The Contest: Web Mother
  • Forgotten Seasons: The Sky Orchestrator

Mod Support
Curated Bosses automatically includes support for the following mods, with more potentially to be added:
  • Wyrmstooth: Vulthurkrah, Vulom
  • Beyond Skyrim: Bruma: Surilaron, Thorina
  • Moon and Star: "The Fugitive", Dwarven Centurion Titan

Creation Club content and supported mods aren't necessary for Curated Bosses to function. They will automatically be processed if you're using them, and ignored if you aren't.

Install with the mod manager of your choice or manually. This mod's TrueHUD_CuratedBosses.ini should go in your data/SKSE/Plugins/TrueHUD folder, in the same directory as the TrueHUD_base.ini file that comes with True HUD. This mod should be safe to use with mods that add other bossbar definition parameters to True HUD, though some, such as mods that remove shopkeepers, will be redundant.

For those who previously used Better Bossbars, advances in how True HUD reads INIs mean that you no longer need to replace your base INI with mine. If you used Better Bossbars previously, ensure that your basic INI is reverted to the True HUD default prior to installing Curated Bosses.

Simply remove the TrueHUD_curatedbosses.ini file from data/SKSE/Plugins/TrueHUD. This is safe to do mid-game.

Does this mod take up an ESP slot?
No. It's only an INI file.

This mod requires True HUD, and therefore also requires the mods that True HUD requires.

Thank you and enjoy!