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Want divine weapons worthy of a Dragonborn? The Auriel's equipment has disappointed you in Dawnguard? With this Mod, the Sword, the Shield and the Auriel's Bow will reveal their sacred power. The authentic splendor of the Elvish Akatosh will shine on his weaponry.

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Full version with FOMod installer and optional custom appareance for Auriel’s Bow and Auriel’s Shield. Lite version available here.

Version: 3.1
Author: Amras Anárion
Date: 29/09/2012 – updated on 24/01/2017
Category: Overhaul - Weapons
Prerequisite: Skyrim Special Edition

Five years of modding led me to realize all the great ideas that deserved the legendary relics of Auriel; and before, I say anything I would like to thank everyone who played Auriel’s Weaponry and shared their opinions! Thanks to your comments and suggestions, I hope to have reached the ideal to fulfill all your expectations.

Shine the light of Auriel on the world of Tamriel with his mythic Bow, Shield and Sword!

New: Choose your power for Auriel's Weaponry! Provided in option: 3.0.1 version (less powerful, more balanced for Novice/Apprentice/Adept difficulty) and 3.1b version (God weapons, infinite charge and all magical damage x2)

Want divine weapons worthy of a Dragonborn? The vanilla Auriel’s artifacts have disappointed you in Dawnguard?

With this mod, the sacred relics of Auriel will recover the radiance they should have had in the game. Infused by the Magicka of the Aetherius, their powers are strengthened.
Under his blessing, forge his Sword and his legendary Bow in the flames of the Skyforge, the only one capable to create divine weapons. However, you need to show you worthy, because specific raw materials are required. Akatosh / Auriel is a God-Dragon, bones and scales of these heavenly creatures will be used. This implies that you need to have slain a dragon at least if you want hope to hand over these sacred objects.
Their production also requires a minimum of Smithing skill, because Perk “Elven Forge” is required. Everything can be improved with the Moonstone refined.
Finally, concerning the Auriel’s Bow, only the fulfillment of the Dawnguard Quest will reveal its full potential. That said, be careful if you choose the path of blood, for the shine of that holy weapon radiates any Undead that succumb in its arrows, this is the will of Auriel.
Nevertheless, the will of Molag Bal is unlimited, and it seems that he has found a way to corrupt Auriel’s Bow with the blood of his lineage... Realize the Tyranny of the Sun’s Prophecy, and you will have the net heart!
Finally, a very old book about Auriel’s Weaponry was deposited on the Skyforge by Eorlund Gray-Mane. Read it to discover the Lore that inspired this mod.

Appearance of the bow and shield

Many players preferred to download a basic mod that only doubles the base damage of Auriel’s Bow rather than seeing its appearance changed, despite a magic reinforced in depth and so many other features.
I heard you: custom assets are now explicitly offered as optional. To keep original appearance, select the option “Vanilla Bow and Shield” with the FOMod (or manually paste the corresponding folder – see Installation section).

The reason is that many of you want to install over a retexturing mod of the Bow or Shield, based on vanilla meshes. (Vanilla textures are poor quality: 512px).

Retexturing mods what I recommend (download separately):

Noldorian Auriel’s Bow and Quiver & Noldorian Auriel’s Shield by EcthelionOtW
Or else Auriel’s Bow – HD retextures & Auriel’s Shield – HD retextures by Alana12

Retexture Oldrim’s mods are compatible with Skyrim Special Edition.
With the option “Vanilla Bow and Shield”, no risk of texture conflict! :)

Of course, you can always choose to install HD assets (2K resolution) of Adonnay's Ivory Bow and Sader's Elven Mystic Shield, or only one of them. My screenshots show these assets.

Auriel’s Sword

Auriel’s Sword – which is added by this mod – is an Elven blade from Adonnay. Its power is that of Dawnbreaker, but more powerful with an enhanced silver status.

The legendary Elvish Sword of Akatosh. Offered to the Dragonborn, its divine light is feared by the Undead.

With his shield, one wonders what Auriel could hold in his other hand? This mod answers this question by being lore friendly. Slay Lycans and Undead with this adamantium blade adorned of elven incantations!

This sword exists in three levels of power. The stronger the sword, the higher the prerequisites for forging!
• Replica
• Original
• Original and enchanted with Auriel’s Dawn.

Old Auriel’s Sword:

Replica of the legendary adamantium blade of Akatosh ... fear by the Undead and as sharp as ebonite.

It weighs 8 pounds, costs 2,200 septims and is as sharp as an Ebony sword. The blade is in mithril (quicksilver) and inflicts 42 extra damage to creatures who fear silver. (Vanilla silver feature deals 28 extra damage.) Its lightness allows it to be handled 10% faster than a normal sword.

Forging at the Skyforge (Elven category):

# Prerequisites: Elven Forge Perk
• 1 Flawless Sapphire
• 2 Dragon Scales
• 2 Refined Moonstones
• 3 Quicksilver Ingots

• 1 Refined Moonstone

Auriel’s Sword:

This legendary sword weighs 8 pounds, costs 9,600 septims and is as sharp as an Dragonbone sword. The blade is in adamantium (blessed mithril) and inflicts 70 extra damage to creatures who fear silver. (Vanilla silver feature deals 28 extra damage.) Its lightness allows it to be handled 10% faster than a normal sword.

Forging at the Skyforge (Elven category):
# Prerequisites: Elven Forge Perk + being under the influence of Auriel's Blessing
• 1 Old Auriel’s Sword
• 1 Flawless Sapphire
• 1 Dragon Bone
• 2 Refined Moonstones
• 2 Quicksilver Ingots
• 4 Grand Souls Gems filled

• 1 Refined Moonstone

Auriel’s Sword (enchanted):

This is Auriel’s Sword with a slightly less powerful version of Auriel’s Bow enchantment. (This rebalancing is necessary because the swing rate of a sword is much greater than the fire rate of a bow.) The enchantment is cumulated with the silvered status of the blade, which makes it devastating on the Undead! This legendary sword costs 10,178 septims.

Enchantment – Auriel’s Dawn:
18 Sun damage for all enemies
24 extra Sun damage for Undead and Daedra.
Auriel's Radiance: If an Undead fell, cause a divine explosion (30-foot radius) that inflicts 10 additional damage to the other Undead and scares the weakest among them.
# Auriel’s Sword charges: 3,200
# Mana cost: 23 (Restoration skill reduces this cost up to -50%.)
# Uses: 139

Forging at the Skyforge (Elven category):
# Prerequisites: Elven Forge Perk + being under the influence of Auriel's Blessing + completing Dawnguard's quest at Forgotten Vale.
• 1 Auriel’s Sword (not enchanted)
• 1 Grand Soul Gem filled
• 1 Flawless Amethyst

• 1 Refined Moonstone + Arcane Blacksmith Perk

Disenchanting feature – learning Auriel’s Dawn:

This last sword can be destroyed on the altar of enchantment in order to obtain its power. Enchanting a third-party weapon with Auriel's Dawn will still deal 18 Sun damage. What you set the damage cursor, it’s the bonus to Undead and Daedra, increased by 20% to get real damage. Moreover, with Auriel’s Radiance, transform any weapon into a more powerful equivalent of Dawnbreaker!

Auriel’s Shield

Which belonged to Elvish deity Auriel, this legendary shield stores the energy of blocked attacks to turn it against the enemy. Its resistance
to fire and magick is unsurpassed.

The vanilla shield suffers from a lack of interest. It is heavy, protects less than a daedric shield and its bashing power (which prevents any other enchantment) is long to charge.

Auriel’s Shield:

Thanks to Auriel’s Weaponry, this armor becomes light (4 pounds), protects as well as a Dragonbone shield and sees its value rise to 9,581 septims (as any artifact that respects). But it is especially its enchantment that is overhauled to regain the power that the Lore attribute to it since Arena and Daggerfall: a legendary resistance to fire and magic.
Also, this mod corrects some wrong keywords associated to this shield and flag it as an artifact.

I tried to reduce the number of strokes blocked to get a complete “Fus Ro Dah”, but it did not work. The values have therefore remained in vanilla: 5 strokes for a “Fus”, 10 strokes for a “Fus Ro” and 15 strokes for a “Fus Ro Dah”. However, for the honor, I have doubled the damage inflicted by this power (2.5; 5 and 20 respectively).

Enchantment – Auriel's Protective Aura:
• Accumulates up to 15 blocked strokes to free it as aFus Ro Dah”.
50 % Fire Resistance.
• While blocking, create a ward that protects against spells for up to 100 points. (Twice as powerful as the Spellbreaker.)

At the request of some players, I also added a not-enchanted version of Auriel's Shield. It is equivalent to an Ebony shield in light version.

Old Auriel’s Shield:

Replica of the mythical Auriel's Shield. It remains as light and strong as ebony.

It weighs 5 pounds, costs 2,000 septims and is as sharp as an Ebony shield. It cannot be converted into an original shield. (The authentic artefact is brandished by a Falmer Warlord in the Forgotten Vale.)

Forging at any forge (Elven category):
# Prerequisites: Elven Forge Perk
• 1 Dragon Bone
• 2 Quicksilver Ingots
• 3 Dragon Scales
• 4 Refined Moonstones

• 1 Refined Moonstone

Auriel’s Bow:

Blessed by the holy light of the Sun, the legendary Elven Bow of Akatosh is a scourge for all those who fear the heavenly star.

The most overhauled Auriel’s artifact. I did not just increase the damage from 13 to 23 (or 25 or 30). For balancing reasons, I set this value to 20, that is the power of a Dragonbone Bow. Do not forget that Auriel’s Bow is as easy to straw as a hunting bow with a draw factor of 1. (Daedric Bow is 0.5; Dragonbone Bow is 0.75.) This makes it by far the ranged weapon with the best DPS of Skyrim.

The core of my overhaul lies mainly in its enchantment: Auriel’s Dawn.
Vanilla enchantment is underpowered and far too greedy in magicka. (Only 29 shots before the weapon runs out of mana.) Contrary to what the description says, it inflicts only 10 Sun damage to enemies and 30 more damage to Undead.

The enchantment offered by this mod brings together so many good ideas that I have to describe it in a separate section. But you guess it: I made it more powerful and less mana consuming.
Auriel’s Bow exists in two levels of power: replica (not enchanted) and original. It is possible to forge the original, although interest is limited. (In version 3.1, it is now the Sword and no longer the Bow that can be disenchanted.) I still keep the recipe in case you misplace it.

Old Auriel’s Bow:

Even though isn't impregnated with the solar power of Auriel, this elven bow of adamantium remains as formidable as an ebony weapon.

This replica weighs 10 pounds, costs 2,400 septims and is as effective as a Glass Bow. Its lightness allows it a draw factor of 0.9, allowing its DPS to compete with a Daedric Bow.

Forging at the Skyforge (Elven category):
# Prerequisites: Elven Forge Perk
• 1 Refined Moonstone
• 2 Dragon Bones
• 2 Quicksilver Ingots
• 5 Firewoods

• 1 Refined Moonstone

Auriel’s Bow:

This legendary bow weighs 8 pounds, costs 12,067 septims and is as effective as a Dragonbone Bow. Its lightness (and its divine essence) allows it a draw factor of 1, making this the deadliest ranged weapon of Tamriel.

Enchantment – Auriel’s Dawn (with standard arrows):

24 Sun damage for all enemies
36 extra Sun damage for Undead and Daedra.
Auriel's Radiance: If an Undead fell, cause a divine explosion (30-foot radius) that inflicts 10 additional damage to the other Undead and scares the weakest among them.
# Auriel’s Bow charges: 6,400
# Mana cost: 35 (Restoration and Destruction skills reduce this cost up to -50%.)
# Uses: 182

Forging at the Skyforge (Elven category):
# Prerequisites: Elven Forge Perk + being under the influence of Auriel's Blessing + completing Dawnguard's quest at Forgotten Vale.
• 1 Old Auriel’s Bow
• 2 Dragon Scales
• 4 Grand Soul Gems filled
• 1 Flawless Diamond

• 1 Refined Moonstone + Arcane Blacksmith Perk

Dynamic Enchantment of Auriel’s Bow:

Auriel’s Dawn can be reinforced or altered by the use of enchanted arrows bound to Auriel’s Bow. With Sunhallowed Elven Arrows, its power becomes “Fiery Auriel’s Dawn”: more Sun damage for everyone and Undead suffer from an additional AoE effect.
With Bloodcursed Elven Arrows, you will find a feature provided by Bethesda but finally abandoned: the health drain (Life leech). It is also a way for Vampire players to tame this holy weapon by disabling Auriel's Radiance (this sacred explosion backfires the player or his allies if they are Undead), but the most enjoyable is clearly Bloodcursed damage, particularly effective against “mortal” targets.

Auriel’s Radiance effect (Meridia's Redemption) – Vampires players must be very careful

Sunhallowed and Bloodcursed Elven Arrows:

Many players ask for this feature of crafting these enchanted arrows... Auriel’s Weaponry offers it from the beginning. The recipes were balanced and unlocked only after you complete the quest for the Forgotten Vale.
Of course, I did not content myself with that. Their damage was significantly increased (to the dragonbone level) and their speed and range were multiplied by 1.5. Naturally, their market value has increased considerably: 160 septims (from 16) for a Sunhallowed Elven Arrow and 90 septims (from 6) for a Bloodcursed Elven Arrow.

My overhaul does not stop there, for these two enchanted arrows directly influence Auriel’s Bow enchantment. (See “Dynamic Enchantment of Auriel’s Bow” and “True damage of Auriel’s Weaponry” sections.)

Tip: Do not forget that Gelebor or Serana can convert your elven arrows for free. These recipes just let you bless (or curse) yourself these arrows from any forge, without having to make a (long) journey to ask them for this favor. Of course, if you have cured Serana of her vampirism, this feature will always allow you to create Bloodcursed Elven Arrows.

Sunhallowed Elven Arrows

Causes solar flare that damages all nearby enemies if shot at the Sun with Auriel's Bow. Increases solar magicka of Auriel's Bow.

Forging at the Blacksmith per pack of 20 (Elven category):
# Prerequisites: Completing Dawnguard's quest at Forgotten Vale
• 1 Grand Soul Gem filled
• 20 Elven Arrows
• 5 Gleamblossoms

Bloodcursed Elven Arrows

Shrouds the sun in darkness if shot with Auriel's Bow. Corrupts the power of Auriel's Bow.

Forging at the Blacksmith per pack of 20 (Elven category):
# Prerequisites: Completing Dawnguard's quest at Forgotten Vale
• 1 Black Soul Gem filled
• 20 Elven Arrows
• 2 Vampire Dusts

Forging at the Blacksmith per pack of 50 (Elven category):
# Prerequisites: Completing Dawnguard's quest at Forgotten Vale
• 2 Grand Soul Gems filled
• 50 Elven Arrows
• 1 Blood Potion (In limited quantities in Skyrim ... Hence the possibility of another recipe.)

Solar flare

Vanilla Solar flare is underpowered and dangerous for your allies (and neutral NPCs). It lasts 15 seconds and solar bursts that strike someone inflict only 14 damage, 36 if it's an Undead. The eruption affects everyone indiscriminately over a very wide radius, often resulting in a bounty on your head if you take the risk of using it

With Auriel’s Weaponry, solar bursts affect only hostile or enemy NPCs. Its duration is doubled (30 seconds from 15). And the damage is considerably increased: 30 damage to enemies and 90 if it’s an Undead for each sun burst taken.

Solar eclipse provoked by Bloodcursed Elven Arrow is not modified by my mod.

Note that you must have completed all of Dawnguard's quests so that the powers resulting from a shoot to the sun can work.

The lore book “The Legend of Auriel's Weaponry”

It’s a valuable book written by Torasa Aram, the Curator of the Mournhold Museum of Artifacts (Morrowind's players will recognize who it is). Two centuries later, it found itself in the hands of Eorlund Gray-Mane because this master blacksmith is naturally interested by legendary weapons. He deposited the book on the Skyforge.
Read it to discover the lore that inspired this mod, all in a role-playing atmosphere. It is also provided in PDF with the documentation of this mod.

It is not mandatory to read this book to enjoy the mod. It just brings a bit of immersion and gives some implicit clues about the Dawnguard’s Prophecy or the forging conditions for Auriel’s weaponry.

If ever you do not see this book, it is probably that you have installed Open Cities or a mod that changes Whiterun. You can add it by using the console. (Type “help "auriel"”, then “player.additem xxx 1”; or “coc whiterunskyforge” to return to the original cell.)
This mod also adds a 4 loading screens about the Lore of Auriel’s weaponry.

True damage of Auriel’s Weaponry

Real damage calculated on enemies with 0 in physical and magical defense. (No reduction or increase of the base damage.)
Bonus effect of Destruction or Restoration perks aren't taken into account. With good perks, magical damage can be further increased by 50%.

What this implies:

• Sun damage bonus affects also Daedra.
• The power of Auriel's Bow can now be partially corrupted by the use of Bloodcursed Arrows. Corruption becomes almost total if the player is in addition Vampire.
• Bloodcursed Arrows now steals 15 HP from enemies ... It was a feature planned by Bethesda (the magic effect is already present on the Creation Kit) but has not been implemented... I restored it. The drain of life only works with Auriel's Bow.
• Above all, these defiled arrows annihilate “Auriel's Radiance” effect (Redemption of Meridia), allowing the Vampire player to use the Bow without suffering the backlash of the aedric explosion.
• Being Vampire blocks extra Sun damage to the Undead... But instead inflicts 30 Bloodcursed damage on all other enemies (inversion of vulnerability). The Bow slayer of Daedra becomes slayer of Aedras!
• Meridia Redemption (Auriel's Radiance) inflicts within a 30-foot radius around each explosion 10 additional damage to the other Undead and scares the weakest among them.
• Even if the magical storage of Auriel’s Bow is great and its enchantment has a low mana consumption, think to reload it with Soul Gems. If the weapon has no energy, all these magic effects are turned off.
• The above changes have effect only on the original Bow. Auriel’s Sword or any other weapon enchanted with the Auriel’s Dawn cannot be corrupted... A wise advice if you are Vampire: use the non-enchanted version of the Auriel’s Sword.

Dynamic variations of the enchantment are visible in battle!

• Auriel's Radiance on an Undead causes an extraordinary explosion of white light that burns with a sacred flame all similar enemies!
• The life leech from Bloodcursed Elven Arrows enjoys a fast shader of vampiric absorption.
• The effect of Bloodcursed damage is remarkable. You will see your victims being consumed by red blood flames for 10 seconds!
• Immunized enemies (eg Dwemer bots) do not trigger the shader... At a glance, you will see the effectiveness of Auriel’s Bow on your target! The more vulnerable your enemy, the more spectacular the effect will be!

Images and videos

Showcase video of this Mod:
It should be noted that for legal reasons, the bow is no longer the same since version 2.3.1 to my great regret. Having spent many hours to make that, I hardly have the strength to start all over again.

• (If you are Ivory Bow) Throwing Auriel’s Bow or the Old Auriel’s Bow from your inventory makes that it appears far instead of dropping on the ground. The error comes from the bow’s mesh (aurielsbow.nif).
• (If you are Mystic Shield) The semi-transparence of Auriel’s Shield lets partially shadows across it. (This minor visual bug is known on the Sader’s Mod and Deadly Dragons.)

  FOMOD installation (Recommended)

  • Open the archive with your favorite Mod manager (NMM recommended).
  • Follow the instructions and let yourself be guided.

  Manual Installation

  • Copy the “0 Core” folder on your Data folder. It contains the 3.1 plugin and doesn't change the appearance of the Bow or the Shield.

Appearance options:

  • If you want Ivory elven appearance for Auriel’s Bow and the Mystic appearance for Auriel’s Shield, copy the “1 Ivory Bow and Mystic Shield assets (BSA)” folder on your Data folder. Overwrite the BSA file. Not install this BSA file if you plan to install HD textures from another mod for the Bow or the Shield.
 • If you want only the Ivory elven appearance for Auriel’s Bow, copy to your Data folder the content of “2 Option - only Ivory elven Auriel's Bow (loose files)”.
 • If you want only the Mystic appearance for Auriel’s Shield, copy to your Data folder the content of “3 Option - only Mystic Auriel's Shield (loose files)”.

Balancing options:

 • If you want powerful Auriel's weaponry while staying balanced, stay on version 3.1. (Recommended for Expert/Master/Legendary difficulty.)
 • If you want balanced Auriel's weaponry for the game, copy to your Data folder the content of “4 Option - 3.0.1 Plugin (more balanced for lower difficulties)”. Overwrite 3.1 version. (Recommended for Novice/Apprentice/Adept difficulty.)
 • If you want weapons worthy of a god, copy to your Data folder the content of “5 Option - 3.1b plugin (God weapons - overpowered)”. Overwrite 3.1 version. (Recommended to admire the full power of Auriel.)



Replace the old plugin with the new one on your “Data” folder.


To remove the mod, delete the *.esp as well as meshes & textures added.

Conflits / Incompatible mods:

This mod will come into conflict with anything that modifies the statistics or enchantment of Auriel’s Shield, his Bow or his arrows. In case of duplication of the same data, only the last is taken into account.

Better Auriel's Bow (More Damage) by BuryWrzod / MrChef: Only increase the base damage from 13 to 23. If it is loaded last, you lose all Auriel's Bow features from my mod. I think your choice will be made quickly. ;)
Enhanced Auriel's Bow by SnW: Exactly the same mod as MrChef except that the base damage is increased to 30. Same as above.
Longer Range for Zephyr and Auriel Bow by Khrada. Just modify the range of the arrows shot from Auriel's Bow, so modifies the weapon entry. Same as above.
Scoped Bows by OutLaw666: Not only is there a esp file that modifies Auriel's Bow, but which in addition alters the path of the mesh. Depending to load order, it will therefore be necessary either to sacrifice all Auriel's Bow features from my mod or the scoped appearance. (If both mods are loaded together, the scoped appearance for other bows will not be affected.)

Can cohabit:

Artificer - Artifacts of Skyrim by 23BLUENINJA: This is another re-balancing for Auriel's Bow and Shield. If it is loaded last, you will keep only Auriel's Sword features (including Auriel's Dawn enchantment), the Lore book and the recipes for the magical elven arrows from my mod. Otherwise (Auriel's Weaponry loaded in last), you will retain all the features, except the temper recipes from vanilla game for the Bow and the Shield. (A future update will correct this tempering problem).

• All graphical / re-texture mods which does not use a plugin (just meshes or/and textures).

See :'s%20Weaponry%20-%20Changelog.txt

Q: I want to keep the original appearance of the Bow and / or Auriel’s Shield. How to do?

A: Now the vanilla appearance is enabled by default and custom appearance is provided in a separate folder.

Q: I want to install different textures for the Bow, the Sword and / or Auriel’s Shield. How to do?
Q: I want to install different textures for the Auriel’s quiver or his elven arrows. How to do?

A: Thanks to the “Vanilla Bow and Shield” option, there is no longer any risk of incompatibility. Any mod that only modifies textures or meshes (no ESP file) will be 100% compatible and can be installed as well before or after my mod. I propose 4 mods of retextures at the beginning of the presentation. :)

Q: I find your weapons not enough powerful.

A: There are exploits in forging to upgrade his equipment to very high levels. With that, even an Iron Sword (Legendary) can overcome a standard Daedra Sword. Otherwise, there is TESVSnip to quickly edit the values of a Mod (if you understand what is what), failing to get into the intricacies of the Creation Kit or decrease the game’s difficulty.
Version 3.1b significantly increases the power of Auriel’s weaponry.

Q: I find your weapons too powerful.

A: Most players require that legendary weapons have the power they deserve, without it being so far overkill. Target Daedra level seems to be more balanced in my eyes. Otherwise, there is always the possibility of increasing the game’s difficulty or edit my Mod with TESVSnip or via the Creation Kit. For information, my Mod has been balanced to play on “Master” difficulty (one notch below "Legendary").
Old version 3.0.1 is more balanced for lower difficulties.

Q: When I kill an Undead with Auriel’s Bow or any weapon enchanted with Auriel’s Dawn, the light explosion affects me and damage my HP. Serana is also a victim. Why?

A: This is because you are Vampires. When explodes, Auriel’s Radiance burns indiscriminately all Undead nearby, including your acolytes or yourself. Auriel’s Bow is a blessed weapon; Vampire who uses it must suffer the consequences. From a Role-Play perspective, it makes sense. The problem is exactly the same with Dawnbreaker. That said, do not worry, this sacred burning does little damage on you (a few Hit Points at most), and is nothing compared to the terror inspired by Auriel’s Dawn to Undead enemies (at least 60 sun damage!).
To get around the problem, you now have Bloodcursed elven arrows... The blocking of this "annoyance" only works with Auriel’s Bow.

Mod under a Creative Commons license - Attribution 4.0 International - CC BY NC 4.0 regarding my own assets:
• You have free to use, modify and / or improve it as long as you credit me.
• You can upload this mod on another website. In return, I just ask you to warn me and credit me with an URL to the original Mod.
• No commercial use of this Mod.
• If you are inspired by my Mod to create something similar, a small tribute - although not required - will be always appreciated. ;)

Regarding third-party assets:
• You must credit Adonnay and get permission from cageu if you reuse the model of the Sword.


– Adonnay, creator of “Elven Weaponry” Mod for Oblivion.
=> The sword and the bow are found on the Mod “Elven Weaponry” by cageu and SithMaster2010:
I give a special thank for cageu. Thanks to him, my 50 hours of modding have not been reduced to nothing.

– Sader for his Mod from which I took the model of the Shield, the famous Elven Mystic Armor.
=> His Elven Mystic Armor Mod:

Tools used

– Skyrim
– Creation Kit
– 7-Zip
– TESVSnip
– NifSkope and Blender
– Fraps
– Avid Studio
– Paint.Net
– Gimp
– ESP Translator


• Adonnay, cageu, SithMaster2010 and Sader for creating beautiful elven equipment.
• The creators of Deadly Dragons for their elven shield that inspired me and I adopted in my RP game.
• Imfamousfoofy who is the pioneer for the overhaul of the Bethesda’s Auriel’s Bow and who has made beautiful textures with his Mod “Auriel’s Bow Reloaded”.
• Bethesda Game Studios for the wonderful game despite the bugs which we are accustomed.