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Idrinth and arkasiSari8

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Small adjustments based on your dragonborn's weight and height.

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This small mod gives bonuses or weaknesses to your character according to his weight. Now looking big and musculine or being nimble can effect your character.

Light Weight (0-20)
  • Sneak sound is 10% less
  • Power Attack is 10% weaker
  • Power Attack is 10% cheaper (since 2.3.0)
  • Carry Weight is 5% less (since 2.3.0)
Medium Light Weight (20-40)
  • Sneak sound is 5% less
  • Power Attack is 5% weaker
  • Power Attack is 5% cheaper (since 2.3.0)
  • Carry Weight is 2.5% less (since 2.3.0)
Medium Weight (40-60)
  • No Adjsutments
Medium Heavy Weight (60-80)
  • Sneak sound is 5% higher
  • Power Attack is 5% stronger
  • Power Attack is 5% more expensive (since 2.3.0)
  • Carry Weight is 2.5% more (since 2.3.0)
Heavy Weight(80-100)
  • Sneak sound is 10% higher
  • Power Attack is 10% stronger
  • Power Attack is 10% more expensive (since 2.3.0)
  • Carry Weight is 5% more (since 2.3.0)

  • Sneaking visibility is 10% less
  • Bashing damage is 10% less
  • Sneaking visibility is 5% less
  • Bashing damage is 5% less
Medium Size
  • no adjustments
  • Sneaking visibility is 5% more
  • Bashing damage is 5% more
  • Sneaking visibility is 10% more
  • Bashing damage is 10% more

Your weight is checked when you first load the mod and corresponding effect will be added automaticaly. It will also update this effect when you change your weight via Race Menu. This mod runs a single script at the beginning and should be compatible with everything else.

To have NPCs with the traits, please apply the patch via SSEEdit to your loadorder, it will catch any npc and apply keywords to them. SPID is then used to apply the related perks, making the patch you created stable even across mod updates.

  • Adjust boni based on feedback