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This is a role-playing mod that adds a new follower (Lynalla) at the hunter's camp near the Guardian Stones, and makes minor changes to Annekke, Sylgja, and Verner's dialogue and relationships for added immersion.

Permissions and credits
Adds a new follower (Lynalla) to the hunter's camp near the Guardian Stones. Edits Annekke and Verner's relationship to remove dialogue and references to them being currently married. Allows Annekke to be a follower and marriageable. Makes changes to "Verner and Annekke's House" to make it "Annekke's House" and removes Verner from the interior cell to the exterior so he shouldn't venture inside the house anymore. Changes Sylgja's default clothing to an alternate miner clothing so she isn't wearing the same thing as Annekke. Similarly, Lynalla's default clothing is set to the tavern clothes.

I was recently playing on the Switch and I found Sylgja and was captivated. She's barely got a backstory but her incorporation into the world was interesting and unique. She's the daughter of Annekke and Verner over in Darkwater Crossing. Despite living in different locations, the whole family are miners. Verner is a bit of a grump and Annekke is ready to get out there adventuring again. In the vanilla game you can recruit Annekke as a follower and/or steward for your Hearthfire homes, and you can marry Sylgja. It's a really unique combination in Skyrim to be able to marry someone and adventure with your mother-in-law. I wanted to expand on that.

In this mod I give Sylgja a twin sister named Lynalla. She's already friendly with the Dragonborn, ready to go on some adventures, and is waiting for you at the hunter's camp near the Guardian Stones so you can begin adventuring with her right away. While Verner is still the girls' father, he isn't with Annekke anymore. They live in the same town, but he is content to keep mining for eternity while Annekke is ready to pursue a more eventful life.

With this mod you can create your own unique role-playing combination of any of the following scenarios:

  • Recruit Lynalla as a follower
  • Marry Lynalla
  • Complete Sylgja's quest to deliver letters to/from Verner, then marry Sylgja (vanilla option)
  • Complete Annekke's quest to kill a bandit leader, then recruit Annekke as a follower (vanilla option)
  • Marry Annekke (after completing her quest)
  • Make Annekke a steward at one of your Hearthfire homes (vanilla option)


  1. You could recruit Lynalla as a follower, convince Annekke to become your steward, and marry Slygja allowing the girls to regularly see their mother and be closely tied to the Dragonborn
  2. You could marry Annekke, leave Slygja to her work and adventure with Lynalla (or ignore Lynalla and only adventure with Annekke) which essentially makes you the girls' stepfather


I'm sure this mod will probably find a lot of unusual uses for fans of the "other" mod site, but I just wanted to create a more unique option for the Dragonborn to experience a family dynamic that was different from the limited vanilla options and this seemed like a really great scenario to expand upon. It also offered a great chance to present an interesting convenient follower that could be recruited very early on.

Other things to take note of include the following:

  • In the vanilla game Slygja mentions having an injury that was recently tended to by a traveling Priest of Mara and that she isn't fully healed. This part of her character may be why she was never available as a vanilla follower and this mod stays true to that.
  • This mod removes some voice lines referring to Verner and Annekke as spouses, but only edits one actual audio file to remove the reference
  • For any that think this might be a little unimmersive, the greetings and interactions you have with Slygja and Annekke in the vanilla game easily sound as if they already know the player so there isn't a lot of immersion breaking even when meeting them for the first time, allowing you to role-play that your Dragonborn has known the family for a while or known of them through Lynalla
  • Lynalla's name was generated by this tool so it should fit in with other Nord names
  • Upon marrying Annekke her house can become your house - this was mostly already set up once her option for marriage was created but I took some extra time to make sure that the house didn't retain Verner's name and his AI *shouldn't* go inside but I can't guarantee that because I'm not yet familiar with how all of their AI packages work so if you notice something odd happen with Verner after marrying Annekke please let me know in the comments so I can try to resolve it
  • After marrying any of the three women adoption should be possible and have no issues but I've not tested it yet so if bugs are encountered please let me know in the comments
  • Lynalla uses the vanilla follower system just like Annekke so anything that edits vanilla followers *should* apply to both of them as well - keep this in mind for possible mod compatibility
  • Lynalla is using a custom class (Conjureblade) which focuses on Conjuration, Restoration, One-Handed, and Sneak, she has leveled equipment in her inventory when you find her
  • Annekke is using the class that she ships with in the vanilla game but she now comes with leveled equipment
  • In order to get Lynalla or Annekke to utilize their equipment, you may need to ask to trade with them and remove a belted tunic from their inventory which will cause their armors to update
  • Lynalla, Annekke, and Sylgja are marked as essential (Verner is not), and all three are set to level with the player with no level cap

This mod has been cleaned with xEdit, tested thoroughly, and makes the minimal changes necessary to achieve its goals. It should be compatible with most other mods but some things to note:

  • This mod does make a minor change to the interior of "Verner and Annekke's House" in order to move Verner to the exterior and remove his "Boss" reference
  • Some very minor dialogue lines are removed entirely from Annekke and Verner, and one of Annekke's lines is edited
  • Minor changes have been made to Verner, Annekke, and Sylgja's actor records

Anything that interferes with, overwrites, or undoes the changes mentioned above will conflict with this mod. I don't think Shor's Stone and Darkwater Crossing are really major points of interest for mod creators but just in case I wanted to make sure these were pointed out.

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