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SSE version, small changes also included. Includes tons of custom storage, for both unique & non-unique items. All crafting stations included apart from the spider crafting station and tanning rack. Over 20 hand-picked Witcher 3 tracks play both inside and outside the home. Inspired by the mood and atmosphere of the WItcher 3. Enjoy!

Permissions and credits
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Please be aware that all screenshots are from the previous Skyrim. SSE doesn't have this much eye candy yet. While I have made some minor changes and readjustments (most notably outside) everything is essentially the same and doesn't warrant me spending countless hours modding my game and getting pretty screenshots again.

♦ A SSE version of Aevon-Tor Reloaded, fully converted and nothing left out. On top of that I have also made several small tweaks to further improve the home. See all the changes under the "So... What Has Changed" heading. 
♦ Original Aevon-Tor Reloaded can be found here.
♦ Originally inspired by the mood & atmosphere of the Witcher 3. My goal with this home is to bring that Witcher 3 mood & atmosphere to Skyrim. Did I succeed? I think so, but this is subjective, you may think otherwise. This home was created for my own personal use, but since a lot of time a effort has been put into this home I thought I may as well share with the community.
♦ Aevon-Tor means 'River-Tower" in Elder Speech from the Witcher Lore, if you were curious.
♦ All DLCs are a must, please don't ask that I make a version that doesn't require any DLC because it will never happen, sorry.
♦ Some specific aspects of the home such as the wardrobe design/concept, custom armor stands, fruit basket etc. are used from or inspired by what was created in Halamshiral, see perms tab for more detailed information.
♦ As always, I hope you enjoy the mod! Let me know what you think.

Videos courtesy of  Hodilton and Jarl Hamm,
Thank you!

♦ Every crafting station included apart from the spider lab bomb thingy and tanning rack.
♦ Dynamic interior and exterior day/night cycle.
♦ 8 planters for alchemy plants.
♦ Custom storage for pretty much everything you can think off (even pillows).
  ♦ All candles that are within reach can be toggles on and off.
  ♦ Fire place can be toggled on and off just like the candles.
♦ Unique display cases for all Daedric Artifacts & many other unique items such as dragon claws, paragons etc.
♦ Custom armor stands, courtesy of Elianora and InsanitySorrow.
♦ 21 hand-picked tracks from the Witcher 3 & its Blood & Wine expansion, 11 exterior & 10 interior, courtesy of  CD PROJEKT S. A.
♦ Fully functional key, courtesy of Darkfox127.
♦ Fully reworked exterior navmesh and fully navmeshed interior.
♦ SSEEdit Cleaned.

♦ Fixed a lot of clipping issues with clutter, probably still missed some knowing myself.
♦ Added 9 new tracks from the Blood & Wine expansion from the Witcher 3, 5 interior, 4 exterior.
♦ The bedroom has been given a face lift & now includes way more custom storage & has a much better layout. 
♦ The bedroom now has a fully functional & much more noticeable dynamic day/night cycle. The previous one was horrendous.
♦ All candles can now be toggled on & off by hovering your cursor over the candle (they are all turned off by default).
♦ Fireplace can also be toggled on & off just like the candles. 
♦ Interior lighting has now been completely re-worked. Lights should look more natural & the overall lighting should flow better throughout each room. There are now also more shadows displayed in the house as a result of more optimal placement of omnidirectional shadow casters.
♦ Altered the exterior slightly, such as removing some patches of grass, levelling parts of the land & adding a boat & two winery signs.
♦ Added small clutter additions to the main floor, you'll need a keen eye to actually notice them but I still feel like they add some valuable extra detail.
♦ Fixed a bunch of typing errors.

SSE Changes

♦ Added/removed and tweaked several light sources to minimise light flickering and to add slightly better ambient lighting.
♦ Realigned several clutter items and furniture pieces for better placement.
♦ Edited the landscape very slightly in the exterior cell for a slightly more natural looking landscape.
♦ General behind the scenes optimisation.

♦ Anything that edits the cell co-ordinates of (21, -4) will always cause conflicts, whether they be small or game breaking.
♦ Currently I don't know of any mods that conflict, but I can guarantee that there will be some popular mods that will conflict, its inevitable.
♦ I would greatly appreciate you letting me know if you come across anything, thanks!
♦ The map marker for the home will appear on the map automatically, but will be greyed out. You'll have to discover it before you'll be able to fast travel to and from. 
♦ A picture of the location of the home & key can be found in the download or the "Images" tab.
♦ The key is laying on top of the smiting and crafting ingredients shelf on the porch of the house.

♦ All assets & especially the music from the Witcher franchise have been used with explicit permission from CD PROJEKT S. A.
♦ CD PROJEKT S. A. are not in any way, shape or form related to this mod, meaning that they're not an official co-authors or a partner of mine. CD PROJEKT S. A. are also not responsible for anything that occurs as a result of this mods' creation and publishing.
♦ The Witcher franchise is a trademark of CD PROJEKT S. A. All rights reserved. 

♦ Translations are always welcome. You do not need to ask my permission to translate the mod. HOWEVER, only the .esp can be uploaded to any other site or mod page, the .BSA is a no no!! If you see my .BSA anywhere apart from this page it is STOLEN and will be treated as such. If you've translated this mod let me know! So I can link to it here and give you some credit.
♦  80% of the assets in this file are free to use meaning that anyone can use them as long as they respect the authors' wishes. The other 20% aren't free to use and you'll need to gain permission from each respective author.
♦ Not under any circumstance can this mod be uploaded to any site, ever!!
♦ See "Perms" tab